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  1. I went to the Better Homes and Gardens website and I could not find that recipe. I thought if I went there they would have it. I had tried. Sorry.
  2. place your chicken in a pan use about 2 tablespoon of olive oil and brush top of chicken then take seasoning salt and place on top of chicken and take asome dry thyme and place on top chicken. I just eye ball it. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes or until done. This is great with Augratin potatoes. And steamed broccolli with a hint of lemon pepper and toss.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has problems with there vision? Sometimes my words going blurry or something its kinda hard to explain, and I have notice a big change inthem. will be making an eye appointment soon,.Does Sclero affect the eyes too? ok my left ear can't stand loud noises, its getting worse. Also I know I have some hearing loss on one of my ears but dont remember which one. Does Sclero affect your hearing? Sam
  4. Well seen the doctor this morning and he said go get xrays which I knew he was going to have me do anyways, and he gave me another script of biaxcin. He said he couldn't believe the Zpac didn't help any. Well after I left him I had the xrays done and I did see them and they dont look good. But of course they won't tell you anything. They have to let them get reviewed, then send them to my doctor. So I won't know anything until Monday. I am so so tired of going to the doctors and getting more meds to take and just feel yucky still. I really like to know what is really going on with me, my family doctor agreed about no more steriods. YAY!!! Atleast for now. Well all I am very tired and need some much needed rest. Been gone all day. Good night and take care, Sam
  5. K, I am no doctor but it takes awhile to get diagnosis with Sclero. But it does sound like you have it. But agian I am not a doctor. Just listen to what they have to say and make sure you keep them(doctors) updated. Make sure you tell them everything that happens. I'm sorry I really can't help and good luck., Sam
  6. in the morniong, I still dont feel good. I have been taking the Zpac and my last pill is tomorrow morning. Well take care, Sam
  7. Vee, Janey has a good point about checking her potassuim levels. I didn't think of that before. It doesn thurt to have that check either.
  8. Went to the doctor yesterday, he told me I have URI. Gave me a Zpac, I have so much stuff coming up from my chest. I have no energy at all. I'm trying to sit up for awhile my back is hurting from laying down most of the day. We didn't do anything for the New Years Eve, sat home and I had watched a film and my dear Hubby had his uncle over playing a video game. We were supose to get some snow last night but we didn't we are getting snow now. I hope we dont get too much. Well you all have a geat rest of a day. I am going to lay down. Sam
  9. I too have noticed something going on too not sure if its skin tightening or if I am retaining water. I'm thinking it both. But not sure. Calling the doctor on Monday I really need to be seen again, stil not feeling good I felt good yesterday but today I'm back at square one.
  10. James wow you been put through the ringer too. Glad you posted to let us know how you are doing. WEll I am glad you are home and continue to get better. Take care, Will be thinking of you, Sam
  11. I hope Gareth feels better soon. Keep us updated Sam I'm taking antibotic too, my voice is still gone I do feel some what ok today.
  12. Jaxs, thank you and you do the same. Sam
  13. Denelle, That is awesome!!! Good luck with everything we will be thinking of you. Let us know when this is going to happen. sam,
  14. I was just discussing that with my doctor a few weeks ago. They really don't have you take anything like estrogen anymore. I have sjogrens and my doctor gave me a script for evoxac. It has helped me. Plus I use a water based lube. Or you can use KY like Sheryl mentioned. But I think this is something you need to talk to your doctor about. They do have a test to check your hormones or even your thyroid. Sometimes your thyroid can be out of whack and cause you to have symptoms. Well Ihope this helps, and good luck. Sam
  15. Well I woke up this morning and my eyes hurt and I can't talk well I can but its doesn't sound very good. I had to cancle my appointment for tomorrow. I just dont feel so hot. I did go out today to help my parents and I had to come home jsut not feeling to well. They are trying to get the rest of ther stuff out of the house they just sold it. Everyone else is working, And the young couple that just brought it wants to move in this weekend. We have so much to do. And I dont feel like doing anything. Oh well it will happen. Well all I have to get up and think about fixing dinner or I just might wait for when my husband comes home in a bit and have him fix it. SAm
  16. I get that way too especially when I am coming down with a cold. Like I have now. What I do when that happens I take a nice warm bath or shower or I will sit by my little heater. Also I will drink something warm, tht usually helps me. Hope this helps. Sam
  17. Sam

    On The Mend

    Rod that sounds great. I'm glad things are looking up for you. You sound relly postive. Take care and Happy holiday to you ... sam
  18. Well you mention it is diverticulitis it sounds like that is what is making you go. Talk with you gastro and let them know what is going on now. I have ulcerative Colitis and I can go like that too.
  19. Well my pain clinic gave me shots to help with the pain. They look over your MRI and talk about what it going on with you then they schedule you come back in to get a shot. I had three sets of shots every two weeks. That is what I had done recently. Well I hope this helps some with your questions. Take care, Sam
  20. sounds like just fluttering of the chest. I used to get that awhile back. I havent in a long time. But if it changes in the way your feel call the doctor it could be something. How is your job going? I use to get aniexty attacks and that would cause me to have fluttering of the chest. So take it easy and pay attention. Sam
  21. Hi all, well I am a mess, I had lost my balance three times today. I am so exhausted, Howie doesn't want me driving for a while, and that is going to bother me, I am one of those people who needs to get out atleast once a day and drive. No where in perticular. I'm gonna go and take a nice relaxing bath and listen to a CD called Sernity, its has relaxing music on it. Its great I have listen to it three times in a row so far. I havent gottent the new meds yet I have to go get them tomorrow, Howie forgot to pick them up after work tonight. So I will let you know about the meds on sunday ... Take care, Sam
  22. Vee, will do... I had one done many years ago , after I had lost a baby. Then later on I had to have a hysterectomy, I had cervical cancer. Just relax after you have it done. Keep us informed... Sam
  23. Good evening all, Well this morning I had seen the sclero doctor, and he is having me get an MRI a EMG and having me see some kind of specialist for my spine. It doesn't think I'm having a scleroderma flair up but he thinks its something with my spine. So that is where I am at now. No more steriods YAY!!! He did give me two scripts for sleep and another one I think is a muscle relaxer, I will have to check it out. My memory has been foggy for the past few day's. Just really tired and hope I will feel much better soon. Well you all take care this evening, I am going to relax for once. I havent watch any tv shows in awhile. Tonight I am. Sam
  24. Sharon, thanks for letting us know about your son. I hope all goes well with him. Also congrats on the new grandchild. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your insurance that is awful especailly when you need it. Take care and know we are thinking of you and your family. Sam
  25. Celia, try this to see if the swelling will go down, lay on the floor if you can and put your legs against the wall up in the air. Only do this five minutes then get up. My mom does this and it helps her. She has swelling in her legs all the time. Hope this helps, I'm sorry your having pain too. Take care, Sam
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