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    Cabbage Slaw

    1/2 cup veg. oil 1/4 cup sugar 2 TBL. vinegar 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. pepper 1 tsp. flavor enhancer salt put in a bowl and stir really well and set aside. Then when ready to serve put it all together read below.. 1 2/14 sliced almonds 1 6 oz. bag of cole slaw mix ***do not shredd fresh cabbage it won't work.. 1/2 cup of each green pepper and red pepper chopped 5 green onions chopped 1 8 oz can of water chestnuts 1 3oz orental noodles Scattered almonds on baking sheet, toast @ 350 for 8 minutes. Just before serving combine almonds, vegetable and noddles and toss with dressing. I really like this and its good with Grilled chicken I also fixed it with Turkey. Howies Aunt Kay gave me this recipre.
  2. Jen dont go off reglan, it does help keep you bowes moving. Yu might want to say something about after you eat that it hurts, I take a med for my colitis and it helps very well, that way I dont have any problems. Take care, and hey I did think that was you, but I wsnt sure. Sam
  3. Celia, I have ulcerative colits and Hiatial hernia. I have having colonscopy's done. The drinking stuff for me is the worse part, It makes me sick to my tummy. I hate anything that is lemon lime. But I will drink Lemonade. I'm sorry to hear you have diviticulitis, just make sure you listen to the doctor on what you can eat and what you can't. I too have irrattaion on my left side of my colon. That I have a constant pain ther it never goes away, some day is its ok and other days boy does it hurt. Well take care, Sam
  4. I can't wait to meet up either I will have to post another picture of me.. One with out my festive wig... all I can say is my face is bloated but I think I still look the same. I have red hair above the shoulder, and Blue eyes. I will be driving my white jeep and I have scleorderma and PH magnets on the back end. I will find you.. Sam
  5. I will see if I can send a picture of my calcuim deposits so eveyone can see. I have them on my forearms. The ones on my knee I had surgery for so far so good. That was back in 2003. I think I iwll have to retake the picture but that isnt a big deal. Sam
  6. Yes susie what is frog eye salad? something with olives in it? Barefut, the apple pie and the pumpkin pies smells so good, I had a piece of warm pumpkin pie last night I couldn't wait. It was so good.. Everything is ready to go all I have to do it put it together. no hassles today... Sam
  7. Everything came back normal so im not in menopause YAY!! And my thyroid is normal too, so it has to be those epidural shots doing this to me. I thought I was going crazy, well maybe I am but it doesn't really explained why I am hainv all these crazy symptoms. Well just wanted to let you know I have to go check on my apple pie im baking. take care, sam
  8. Shelly thanks for a great link. Sam
  9. that sounds really good. thanks
  10. Wel the other night I had a melt down my sister had to come get me and we went for coffee and went to my parents home and sat by the fire. Well the next Day my family doctor had asked my siter how I have been doing she said I'm worried about her something is going on. He told her to tell me to get in, Well tomorrow I will be calling. The hot flashes are still withme, I am not being nice I am very grouchy, and I have been aching more and more each day, also my cheecks are turning reddish color. So I am going to have my hormone levels check out and some other blood work to make sure nothing else is going on but I really think I am having a flare up. We will see. I will post. sam
  11. Nan I'm sorry to hear about all that is going on with you. You take care of your self Sam
  12. that sounds yummy I like gum drops. I will psot an cookie of mine...Later on tonight. sam
  13. I have heard of that new treatment with the ointment for the hands, I have a lady in my group who will be doing that soon. I dont know anything aobut it though. Sorry I can't help. Sam
  14. For the past few days maybe longer than that Ihave been experiencing alot of muscle cramps in my feet by my toes and ankles, my calves and ner my groin area. My body is doing something. I still ahve those hot flashes and sweat all the time, I got my last epidural shot yesterday. I am going to the doctors to get my hormone levels check and some other blood work. I just dont feel right. My face is swollen and I can't seem to get it to go down, mypain doctor doesn't thinks its from the shots. I am not on any pill form of steriods so I am going to get checked out to make sure I'm going to be ok. I know when it rains it pours. Take care and have a great Saturday,, By the Way its the Michigan and Ohio State college football game today So Go bucks! But we all know today is just a game no championship this year they both lost. But that is ok. Sam
  15. mosqutios were really bad this year and with the west nile virus that doesn't help either. I have noticed that my bruises are not going away like they should either I still have one from June but it is light in color. If you still have that big bite maybe have the doctor look at it it could of been a spider bite. well good luck hopefully it will go away take care, sAm
  16. Well I was going to tell you but everyone here has already said what I would say to you. take care, sam
  17. Congrats And I agree too with the other's This is YOUR Day. Take care, Sam
  18. hmm call your doctor, my face is swollen too but from the steroid injections, maybe your having allergic reaction to your meds. Well I just looked up and seen you are not taking meds. Are you taking anything? Like vitamins, minerals anything? Years ago I had tried taking fish oil tablets and guco something another and one of them made my face swell up plus on top of that I was starting to have a sinus infection. So just get it checked out. Take care, Sam
  19. Hey what were you doing outside that day on a steep hill? I'm glad to hear your ok. You take it easy girl. I have to be careful too when I'm outside I am so clumsy at times. Well I really dont think so my hubby does those. Take care, Sam
  20. What questions would be good to ask a P.T. in regards to sclero? Well just let me know.. Sam
  21. I was diagnosis with Fibro a few years ago.. It seems many of us have fibro though, so I would say yes, that it would go hand in hand with any auto immune. Sam
  22. You had mention something about your toe, I am sorry to hear that. You take it easy, I am ok, just kinda busy at the moment. Alexia is doing good and thanks for asking sam
  23. Sheryl how about the 19th.Tell Vee I' ll come up and halp make pumpkin rolls those are my favorites!!! yummy!! Hey private message me so I can give you my phone number ok. Thanks sam
  24. the picture I have up now is from dressing up for a seasonal party. LOL!!! If I was younger I might would do that to myhair, but I have red hair to my shoulders. Yes we do need to get together and meet, let me know when This friday I can't though but the other day will be ok. Sam
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