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  1. Sam is my screen name and its also my nickname in real life. I had gotten it when I was born in 1965 from my mom who like watching the Show Bewitched, she like how Darin said "Sam" so she gave me the nickname Sam and the show came out the same year I was born. LOL!! That is how I got it....
  2. When I was having my hip pain that just would not go away I had gotten a steroid shot, it helped eventually the pain went away but I still have the dull pain that is in my left hip. I did buy a cane only because there was times I couldn't even walk and I was hopping around on one leg. Not good!! It still hurts but not like it did a few years ago. Now I'm I having pain in my left shoulder arm hand neck. Well I think your best bet is to chat with the doctor. Oh yeah I did water therapy for it too. Take care , Sam
  3. Janey thanks for helping.. Sam
  4. My dad is taking adavert or something like that. But still is having problems. I just hope he will start to feel better soon. We are in the process of moving them back to the old house. LOL!! They brought the house back that they sold four years ago. I grew up there and its so nice to be back in it. Well thanks for your reponses. I think maybe its related to his having urine in his blood, what do you all think? He has been on an antibotic for awhile. Well take care and have a good weekend, Sam
  5. I found a link that might help you. I will still ask my friends. Take care, Sam http://www.sclero.org/scleroderma/general/doct...-to-z.html#sctc
  6. Hmm, I will ask my friend who they see, and I will get back to you. I know one lady that lives in Hillard and she goes to Texas to her doctor.
  7. I have both and have one done every year or two.
  8. Does anyone on here have this? What type of test have they done for you. What kind of meds do you take for it and for the vomiting? My dad has this and it happens when he is sleeping or sitting in a chair. They did an MRI and checked his ears but found nothing. He said yesterday he doesn't feel right. Plus some other things are going on too, he has blood in his urine and he has been on antibotic after antibotic with that. Well any kind of information you can give me will be appreciated. Sam
  9. I just want to let you all know I love to cook and so if your looking for something in particular let me know. You can ask Pamela, she will tell you I love cooking. I have many recipes: mine, my grandma's, my mom's and also from my aunts, sister and nieces. Even some from my husband's family. Of course if you have a recipe someone is looking for, please add yours, too. Sam
  10. Sam


    I do embroidary by hand, My grandmaother taught me when I was very young, I also like to paint and draw. And Pamela knows I enjoy cooking that is my hobbies. well my flower beds too.,
  11. I take yellow squash and zuchninni and cut them up in round peices I also cut up onion, green peppers and add stewed tomatoes and cook until done. My mom use to fix spaghetti squash when I was younger I have actually never tried it. You mention crooked squash do you mean acorn squash, butternut squash? I fix that with brown sugar and butter and bake it. I also made the butternut squash like smashed it is good that way too.
  12. i exfoliate my body and use a non-greasy moisturizing lotion and it helps me. When my palms itch on the left hand, that means im getting money, lol!! But it does it everytime for me.
  13. I think so... i blame it on the water , lol and some foods too.
  14. Thanks everyone I do feel much better today than I have been, I am still having pain though. I got to spend the day with my granddaughter and my step son and his girlfriend/wife. We had cooked out on the grill, yummy!!! Have a good night, Sam The sandman is calling me...
  15. Karen , had scleroderma and PAH, she passed away on August 26, 2007. I met Karen at a scleroderma meeting. Please keep her family in your thoughts. Sam
  16. For a few days I have been not feeling to good, I'm more tired and my stomach has been bothering me, nd I have been feeling some what dizzy. Also my shoulder arm neck isnt getting any better. I have been having headaches to. So I have been trying to take it easy, but my bags under my eyes look awful not too happy about that. Oh well just wanted to complain a bit. I hope you all have a good weekend. We are not doing anything special. Take care, Sam
  17. Good Luck and let us know how your doing. I have bunions on both feet and on both sides of my feet, but they dont hurt.
  18. Heather, hello! I use (a store bought, brand name) moisture lotion for dry skin with time released mositurizes. Up to 24 hours. Also my mom gets a lotion from the doctor, she breaks out in a rash when the sun hits her arm, and she scrathes it like crazy. I will ask her what the doctor recommended for her. Hope this helps, Sam
  19. I was without my puter for a week and boy was it hard. I do alot on my computer and I could get on my hubbys but I dont have my stuff on his and I wasn't going to put it on there. I'm still going To PT, Last wednesday they had me do traction for my neck and it felt good while doing it but that evening I had a headache and it didn't go away until Friday night. They are not doing traction on me anymore. Well I have to get going I have PT this morning. Take care and I'm glad to be back.
  20. Celia, I have that same problem a few months back. It just went away on its own. It was felt like it was bruised inside. Now I am experincing a weird feeling on two of my fingers that feel like metal scraping through my muscle or veins. One thing I can tell you is keep an eye on it and let the doctor know. I see my doctor in a few weeks and I'm going to let him know wht is going on with mine, Take care, Sam
  21. And its not in my favor, so now we have to appeal again and go to the supreme court I guess that is what it is. Well just wanted to let ou all know. I am not in a good mood at all, just really confused to what to do next. I dont know if I really want to continue this is been going on since 2003. Oh well, Sam
  22. wow how nice of him at least he told you. I know what you are saying I have been going to theraphy since Monday and today my left arm is killing me. I'm about ready to chop it off, LOL!! But I won't. Take care and I hope everything is ok. Sam
  23. Well right now he thinks my shoulder is being pinched so that is good news, and he gave me a treatment on my shoulder with these patches that has an antiflamortary in them and they hooked them up to this little box that has jumper cables on them, LOL!! Then they put moist heat on top of that. It has helped but I had allergic reaction to the med or the laxtex on the patches. He is trying to find out if the one is not latex one is not the other might be. I'm allergic to latex with sticky stuff on them. Sam
  24. Well a bit ago I had stopped at this place to see if they take my insurance and they do and I had set up my first appointment this afternoon. Well its at 3:30 it will only take me a few minutes to get there I was very happy about that. My left arm shoulder is really hurting today. It even going down to my hand. Well wish me luck, Sam
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