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  1. Well the doctor gave me celebrex to take and is sending me to PT and also had taken xrays. He will call me later to let me know what the xrays says. He think its arthritis and my rotor cuff, Yippy what fun. Sam
  2. Well in a bit I am leaving to see my doctor for my shoulder, its not getting any better, I think its from working out but again I'm not sure, we will see. I do know I won't have surgery for it. I can't deal with that right now. Well take care and try and keep cool, we are going to be in the 90's again today. Sam
  3. my fingers sweel when its warm out too and when I work out, the only time it changes color is when im cold or stressed out about something. What I do is run them under cool water and rub them for a bit. And hold them up in the air. Hope this helps, Sam
  4. I use astroglide too, but dont need it much since I'm taking evoxac for my dry eyes and mouth and other areas. Sam
  5. Kamlesh, I do know when I do itch I can't stop. My mom told me to use the antibactierial gel that people use when there isnt any water around and it stops the itching. I have tired this I have my legs a mess right now. I hope this helps you. Sam
  6. Barb, I'm so sorry to hear of your mums passing. I will keep you and your fmaily in my thoughts, Sam
  7. I have been having problems with my left shoulder and the pain is going down into the arm. I was wondering what it felt like. It hurts all the time and I can't lay on it either. Sam
  8. Alex, have a safe trip and have fun trip. Sam
  9. Sam


    Take it every day regardless how you feel. When I dont I know it right away!!! I take nexuim twice a day= 80mg. Sam
  10. I agree with Elehos on that call your doctor!! Sam
  11. Patty I use to get those shots too but decided not to anymore too many can cause your bone to deterirate. Sam
  12. I think when the doctor told your husband it was normal it probably is that meaning no ulcers, Baretts etc., but that doesn't mean you dont have GERD. I have that plus with hiatial hernia. I dont have the Barrett's no longer. But yes keep taking you meds for the reflux. Sam
  13. I had one done a few years ago and it was really simple procedure, they went through my neck which is alot easier and better for you then the other way. Yes they give you something to knock you out. Good luck, Sam
  14. Sam


    Emmi, let us know about the results. I'm sorry that is had rained on you going to the hopsital. I think I would of turn back and headed for home. Take care, Sam
  15. Barb, I have little spider veins. Yes as we get older we can develope them. I dont think its from Sclero my grandma had them. I know a lady who had surgery for hers because she was a mail lady. She had the surgery then had to wear these stockings things. That is all I know about it. Sam
  16. Sam

    Fed Up

    JG07, take a few deep breaths, and just calm down. We are here for you. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems right now. I to am waiting to get on disability. Im' been Fed up today too, but for different reasons. I hope you feel better when you get this, Take care, Sam
  17. Well as you all know that I had filed for disabilty back in 2003. I had my first hearing last December 2006 and another one a few weeks ago. I have tried and my lawyer has tried to get my medical papers from my rheumatologist. Well on Friday morning I had decided to try something and guess what it worked. I had emailed my doctor's secretary and she copied them and mailed them yesterday and I got them today and I drove to Toledo and took them to my lawyer . The first thing my lawyer says to me you don't have skin thickening. I told him no and I don't want it either.That the sclero has affected my internal organs. But now at east we have something that states I do have scleroderma and that I have PH due to having scleroderma. And also spondylosis, which I didn't know and have to look up information on yet. Well I just wanted to share some decent news with you all. I just hope this is what I needed to get on disability.
  18. thanks LOL!!! I thought it was a good article too. It was emailed to me this morning. Sam
  19. I thought this was a great site, so I asked to have it added to the medical page. Now it is on the LUNG (PULMONARY): MAIN MENU page. It is the third link under Pulmonary Hypertension.
  20. Sam


    drink honey lemon water. that is what I do when I cough alot and dont feel so hot. But it is a warm drink. You make it like a tea. Sam
  21. Sam


    I still tan outside and in a tanning bed, but I dont get real dark, doing that isnt good for anyone, I also use a lotion that is self tanning. That works really well. My dad use to be out in the sun all the time and now every now and then he has to see the doctor to get stuff taken off. Its due to being out in the sun. So I try not to do alot out in the sun. But going out for about 20 minutes a day isnt too bad for you. Make sure you use sun screen and yes you can still tan with sunscreen. I think its up to you about whether you can be out in it or not. Use your best judgement. Also I have a friend whos husband has scleroderma and one of his treatments is using the tanning bed to soften up his skin. I beleive that it did help him some. Well hope this helps, Take care, Sam
  22. Jenny, it sounds like the doctors are doing everything they can for Kobi, I 'm sorry to hear all that he is going through. All I can say is take some deep breaths and just take it easy and just be there for Kobi. I know its hard being a caregiver, so you make sure your taking care of your self. I'm glad Margaret posted to you as well. I think its good to talk with outher parents who children have sclero also. I hope this has help you, take care, Sam
  23. I have a lady in my group who is wanting to talk with some one that has used this. Please contact me anytime. any information will be helpful, she is scared a bit. thanks Sam
  24. Yes I get that too, i take a diuretic for it. so maybe you should call your doctor and get on one too. Glad to see you joined again. Sam
  25. whirlway, I use to get that feeling when I had taken a certain med, like a sinuses med. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I hope you can find away to be together to help each other out. My knees are bothering me too. I see the doctor today myself. Well you had mentioned that should you call the doctor about your crawling feeling on your head, it wouldnt hurt too. Sam
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