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  1. I too hate bras I sometimes go with out but always wear one in public. I was thinking of getting some sport bras just not sure yet. I have had problems wearing bras since 2003 when I was in the hospital the left side of my rib area hurts constantly and wearing a bra reallly makes that area hurt. I do like the topic though I think women always hated wearing bras.

  2. Mittens in the car at all times.


    Candle in a coffee can.




    Extra clothing in the vehicle in case I don't dress warmed enough.


    I use a heater when I am at the computer, I use the heater when I take a shower, actually last year I started taking a shower in the smaller bath room because it's warmer than my master bath.


    I use the blow dyer to warm up my socks before I put them on.

  3. I too have calcium deposits, I have some on both forearms which the left one will be removed soon. I had them on my right knee for years and finally I just had enough of taking antibiotic after antibiotic and nothing helped so I opted for surgery and glad I did that was back in 2003 and still so far they have not come back to that site that I know of. I see an orthopaedic doctor for this. I hope this helps and sorry to hear your wife is going through this it is very irritating to me to.

  4. Sweet I am going through that right now as well, You should see my skin it has all these areas where I cut the skin. I think it is scleroderma related. I do feel good when I put lotion on. But then I go through a period of time where I can't stop itiching. It has been going on for a bit. I am going to mention this to Dr. K and see what he says. He did prescribe me a steroid when I seen him last for the itching it was for only a few days worth. Maybe I should get it and see if it helps. But ask him first before I do anything.


    I hope your itiching has stop. But I do know what you mean about tearing your skin off. I am wanting to do that too.

  5. I use vitamin E oil on my nails also I use another item that I buy from a company and it really works great too. I also have the ridges and I try to sand them down too and I use the Vit. E oil when I do it. I'm not really sure as to why it happens but it does. I'm thinking it means something though and I don't remember what.

  6. I hope everyone is doing good. This summer I have been trying to keep busy going to my DBT classes , plus I am in a three year study called Detech for patients who have scleroderma and PH. I am going to do a Raynaud's study soon.


    The other day I got bit by one of my doggies, I know he didn't realize he had ahold of me and not the other dog. My wrist was in the way. So I had to go get a tetanus shot and some antibiotic and I am doing ok.


    I see the orthopedic specialist -- on Wednesday they are going to go under x-ray to put a steroid shot into my left hip. I have had that pain since 2003 and it hurts all the time. I'm not thrilled about getting a shot but if it helps I will be happy.


    This morning it is cooler out and wishing it would warm up. It hasn't been that hot this summer enough to go swimming which I enjoy very much, even though my hands and feet still turn white I do go. I just try not to think about it.


    I'm still having problems with my neck and this time around it is my right shoulder that hurts especially when I am cutting up meats or veggies. Not going to do anything about it, just going to let it go. As I said not thrilled about getting steroid shots.


    Well I am going to go just wanted to drop a few lines I am doing OK. Take care and big hugs, Sam :)

  7. I was wondering how your doing, I haven't had that happen to me in years, sorry to hear your going through that now. My feet would do that in the winter time stay blue for days but I kept massaging them and putting them in warm water. They did give me some adelat but I can only take one pill of that or procardia since it gives me really bad headaches but it usually enough to knock it out. Good luck to you.. Take care

  8. Will be getting a shot in my left hip joint not the bursa but the joint itself.


    I was wondering if anyone had this done? I know it involves an xray to make sure they hit where they need to stick the needle in. I just hope they can knock me out.

  9. Thank you, for the link will be heading there after I write this. And yes it is better to catch this early and that is what he is hoping. He had mention glaucoma a lot so I am thinking I do have it but when I go back he wants to do the test over to see if anything has changed. I'm still trying to get use to the idea I guess. But again thanks. Sam

  10. I had to go make a eye appoinment awhile back and I am glad I did. I had to get glasses. While doing the exam he mentioned I might have glaucoma. So on Thursday I had to go back in and have some test done for glaucoma. He is not saying I have glaucoma or I don't. I do have to go back in 6months. He is going to keep an eye on it. I have vision loss in my right eye. I have had a migraine since that has happened. I was up last night more than I slept. I hope I can get some rest today. I will be busy we are having a family reunion tomorrow.

  11. Lisa I am doing a study too, for PAH and scleroderma. It's DETECT. I have pulmonary hypertension (PH) and took my pulmonary function test (PFT) a month ago but now I have to have another one. They are seeing if they can DETECT if I would get pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Its a 3 year test. I go have another PFT done on the first. They are also doing the digital ulcer one as well. so if anyone is interested let me know I can get the details for you. It is in Toledo Ohio.

  12. Thanks everyone. It feels like an electric pulse. Its kinda hard to describe. Will talk with my rheumatologist again. He didn't mention tennis elbow to me the last time I was there but at that time my pinkie wasn't affected. Again thanks.



  13. Does anyone have like electrical pulses going through their elbow area or maybe a pinkie? My doctor told me to take diuretic and I have but I still have it. I do have edema and have it for awhile. But the electrical pulses kinda is worrisome. I have appointment soon with my rheumatologist. So I was wondering if anyone else has this.



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