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  1. I have been having problems with my wrist and hands too but its at night time only. Once in awhile it hurts when I washing the dishes. My plates are made of that maleware so its very light to hang on too, but it made my hands hurt any ways. That is something else I need to talk with the doctor too. I dont see my rhumey until August.
  2. Thanks everyone I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow morning. I know its two days after but yesterday I didn't want to go in because it hurt to walk. And today is his day off. My brothers girfriend gave ame a patch of that lidocaine you spoke about Joe. I didn't use it and won't until I talk with the doctor first. I sleep really good now at night plus I take naps during the day long ones too. From 1 to 4 hours sometimes. Sam
  3. I take 40 mg of prozac but I take it at night and it does so much better for me. I would say something to your doctor about what is going on. My problem is when things are going so well and that throws me into depression. And it doesn't have to be something that is a great big deal. I recently went back on the prozac I am too like you dont take it for very long. Maybe it would help to talk with the doctor who knows. Well barefut take care of yourself. But call the doctor and tell him about the buzzing in your ears. That would drive me crazy. Sam
  4. I was diagnosis with sclero in 1996 I am 42 now. I was diagnosis with raynauds when I was 21. I have had problems on and off over the years.
  5. I had to call the doctor about my leg he will be calling back. The pain is shooting down my calf and its really red now. you can feel the heat coming off of it. I'm trying to stay off of it, That is hard to do. Well let you know what the doctors say's. Sam
  6. Nan, that is great news, I'm so happy for you. Sam
  7. With my left knee swollen and its red, so I know it's inflamed. And I have been itiching like crazy. I need to go get something for the itching. I can't use bendryl it makes me mean. So iguess its ointment or something,. Well you all take care Sam
  8. I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day. Happy Father's Day! Love and hugs, Sam
  9. I'm so sorry to hear of your sad news. You take care of yourself. Sam
  10. This hearing thing really got to me. One do everything over because of the first time the audio wasn't on. NIce huh. I had to sit there waiting for the judge to come back because she wanted to go to a holiday party with her husband. It was supose to start AT 1:00 and she didn't get back until almost three. I was there at 12:00 because I wasn't sure where I had to go. And I can't get the medical records from my one doctor who is my sclero doctor. Its really hard for them to send them out while for my others its not. I guess they are going to supenea them. Spelled wrong. I can't sleep and I havent been able to eat much. I ache all over and my throat still hurts from vomiting. So what do I do?? well One I am calling my doctor to let him know how this is effecting me. Then I'm letting my lawery and judge know as well. Well thanks for listening I jsut needed to get this off my chest. Sam
  11. Emmie thanks its not my lawery who is bad. He is good at what he does. Nut not having my records from my sclero docotr is hurting me. I think they are going to have them supeaned spelled wrong. Sam
  12. Sam


    Sweet I'm sorry to hear your having problems with your bowels. It's no fun when you can't go. I hope this mirlax will h elp y ou. I havent heard of it. Take care, Sam
  13. predisone is a good drug its the side effects that isnt so great. I had taken it for a short time for my ulcerative colotis. My dad has been on a low dose of predisone since 1970 something for his lungs. He helps him alot. Sam
  14. Thanks everyone. I do appreciate it alot. Sam
  15. Hello! Well the hearing went very quickly and somethings did go in my favor, we have 30 days to get my sclero doctor medical file. The reason why we had a second hearing is that the first one we did the audio tape didn't work so we had to do this over. I even got sick during the hearing too bad it wasn't infront of her. She was rude and wouldnt let my lawery finish somethings. I still dont feel so hot, My throat still hurts from vomiting. So I won't know anything for awhile. I honestly don't think they will give it too. Sam
  16. I leave in a few mintues for my second hearing. I ache all over and feel like I'm gonna get sick. I recieved a letter yesterday from my doctor stating I can no longer work any type of job. Chat later when I get back home. Sam
  17. Sam


    Joe I have no idea if anything triggered me haivng scleroderma. I was real young when I didn't feel good and was tired all the time as I am now. I had my children at a young age. And when I was 21 I had found out I had raynauds then diagnosis with sclero in 1996. So who knows.
  18. Sam


    I'm glad that your surgery went well too, Take care of your self and keep us updated. Sam
  19. Yes I have raynauds too. For the past few days the weather has been cooler too here where I live. today we will be 90, YAY!! When my hands turn absolutely white I go warm them up in warm water and it brings them back to the color they should be. When my feet get like that too I jump in the bath tub and take a warm bath. Sometimes I use a heating pad to get warmed up or drink some hot chocolate and a blow dyer to get warm. Those are just something I do to get warmed up when needed. Well I hope this helps and try to keep warm, Sam
  20. That is great news!!! thanks for letting us know. Sam
  21. Sam


    Carrie, thanks for getting him the link I was just going to see if I could find something for him. Kobi, I wouldn't of been able to tell you what type of sclero you have. I have CREST myself. Hope you went to the link Carrie sent you. Take care, Sam
  22. Sam


    Kobi, I'm sorry to hear you have scleroderma. I have had raynauds since I was 21 then diagnosis with sclero in 1996. I'm 42 now. There is alot of good information on this site and read what you can. Plus remember that were all not the same. Take care and glad you found this site,. Sam
  23. Sam

    Hi All!

    Well I can't wait for tomorrow to get here, I'm still not feeling good and I'm still wheezing and I starting to have pain like a muscle spasm in my left side. But its real sharp and it doesn't matter if im sitting up or laying down. All I did most the day yesterday was sleep much needed I guess. I did get up and go the store and over to my necies for a bit. well I hope you all are having a good day. Please remember those who served and our loved ones that are gone. Take care.
  24. Sam


    doesn't it feel good to get out of the house and just drive. I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't get out at least once a day and drive. Well I hope you will continue to drive more often and get that key turner real soon. Sam
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