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  1. Barefut I agree with eveyone on here, Yes I too get that way myself. lately more often. But remember we are here. I can remember me mentioning that I was a very strong person until my husband left me and my children and that is when I started feeling like that I'm not as strong as I thought. what happen to the girl, etc. but I am here and we all are very strong realizing it or not. You are a strong person so do not forget that. You take care you know we are her for you anytime.
  2. Sharon, I ws diagnosis with crest back in 1996 and I had gone to a chiro 2006 and he said I have a little bit of curve in my back, I had always gotten thqt checked at school over the years and some how it showing up now. Sam
  3. Sam


    I too have no padding at the ball of my feet, I also wear inserts in my shoes and it does help alot. I forgot how much it cost to get them made for my feet but it was well worth it. I also dont have any arches so that is why I have arch support inserts. Sam
  4. This something I would not even do, I have them all over my body and it would cost way to much to have it done and the only thing about them is they probably will come back. The ones on my face I use the physician formula green stick cover up on them. The ones on the rest of my body I just leave alone. It gives me character. LOL! I am one of those people who does care how I look and I hate the ones on my face but they are there. I have one on the tip of my nose, nice place for it, My husband thought I was breaking out with a pimple I told him its not a pimple. Well if you do decide to get that done good luck, Sam
  5. Well I can't really answer that but I do know a few people with tattoos that has skin involvement and they got hem after they were diagnosis with sclero. I myself have two and I got them after being diagnosis too. This something you need to talk to your doctor about and I'm sure he or she will tell you not to get one. but if you do get one make sure who is doing it that they have a a clean needle and has a clean place, also make sure you keep the area of the tattoo clean and use the antibotic ointment they tell you to get. But like I said you should contact the doctor first. Good Luck!! Sam
  6. Yeah I just have to get use to it I guess, someone brought it to my attention that caffiene might make it worse for me and I do have coffee in the morning. So I will use the inhaler later on after I have my coffee. And see if that does help. Well wish me luck yesterday was jsut awful even my face was swollen, my mom said something when she came and took me to the grocery store. I was afraid of driving, I'm thankful for my mom. Well take care everyone, Sam
  7. Well I got to lay down and sleep but it might be too much sleep. Yes I think its the inhaler too, its makes me feel gittery, I had to use one before but it didn't make me feel like that. How strange how our bodies change over the years I guess. Thanks for the good thoughts. I just wished I felt good, I want to go watch Howies nephew play ball tonight. Oh well if I don't go I can go next Wednesday. Well again thanks, Sam
  8. The doctor told me yesterday that I have asthmatic bronchitis. today I woke up with a sore throat. I had tried lying back down this morning but I am having problems, I really think it's the inhaler that is making me feel weird. I'm only doing one puff, I just took a shower and had to get out thought I was going to pass out, now my tongue is numb. This is really strange. I am going to call the doctor office in a bit, I know my doctor isnt in on Wednesday so that might be a problem. Man I hate this. Well just thought I would let you know what is going on.
  9. He Put me on the zpac and gave me inhaler. I have been wheezing for awhile and really didn't think to much about it. But I have been more tired then usal so I decided to go. Yesterday I had made an appointment with a pulmno and I won't get in to see him or her until September. I just want to make sure I am getting the best treatment for my lungs. I had my PFT and Echo done at the beginning of the month. so we will be talking about that. Well all I have been trying to take a nap since I got home from the doctors but the phone was ringing off the hook, it has been quite for awhile now so I think I will try again. Take care, Sam
  10. It doesn't have anything to do with my local social security office, Its the judge needing more pfoof that I should get on disability. Yes I hope this is it too. thanks, Sam
  11. Hello! I was diagnosis with Sjogrens almost two years ago. I take Evoxac for it. You were talking about smells, I to can't stand any that smells. Cigarrett smoke or any kind of smoke makes it hard to breath. The smells have been like that for a long time. As for the smoke I use to smoke and I had quit about 8 years ago. But if I wasn't smoking the smoke from others would just bother me. Doesn't make since.
  12. When you get that metallic taste in your mputh it means your lacking something in your diet. I will have to find out what it is though, my mom told me about it years ago. Her doctor told her. I will post back in a bit about it. Sam
  13. is coming up in June , so please keep your fingers crossed and be thinking of me. I just hope I will get an answer that day. Wish me luck, please. Sam
  14. For the Echo it says I have mitral and tricuspod regurgitation and that the tricuspid was not well visualized. The pulmonic valve was not well visualized. For the PFT it says mild restricitve Lung disease with mild reduction in diffusion capacity. A repeat of spirometry pre and post broncholdilator therapy maybe helpful to evalute for airway hyperreactivity. Now I have to look all that up and find out what they are talking about. so if anyone can help me that would be awesome. I'm going to call my rheumatologist and see what he say's. I'm not going to wait until I see him in August. Well take care all, Sam
  15. Barefut, I hope you had a wonderful day as well, I had my parent and my sister and her children and grand children and my brother and his family and my children here for a cook out. It was crazy but had a good time, I couldn't wait for eveyone to leave though so I could take a nap, shame on me but I was tired.
  16. Insurance companies don't care. They just want your money and to tell you who and what you can do. It use to be that when you got sick they would cover it but now day's you have to fight them to get your bills paid. Well dont let them tell you they won't cover it, that is ridicous.
  17. Well I have CREST but I dont have skin involvement. Well the skin on my fingers get tight but it doesn't stay that well. Well they swell up in the heat and it the morning. My biggest issue is being tired and sore all the time. I do have ulcerative colitis and GERD/Refux, osteoarthritis, and fibro and hital hernia. Sam
  18. I had gone up to Michigan today for the showing. Dorothy was scheduled to have a right heart cath done and some other testing on Monday and two test today.. They knew she has shortness of breath and wanted to check the right side of the heart to see if she was in need of oxygen. I just wish it could of been done sooner. She looked really good they did a nice job on her hair and make up it did look like her. She did loose a lot of weight as well. I met her two sons and there wives. They said that they heard alot about me and others in Ohio. That Dorothy couldn't say enough about us. Man does that feel awesome!! I really enjoying helping out others before myself. Well thanks for all the post and for being there for me. Sam
  19. My mom got to come home from the hospital last night YAY!! All her test came back good, she went in for chest pains. We are thinking its aniexty. We are leaving at noon for Michigan for my friends showing. It will take an hour to get there. I had made some food to take up there last night. Most of our of support group will be there today, I am so happy that they can make it too. It will mean alot to the family. My great neice Maddi is ok too, she is just going to have a bruised up face, poor little girl. Yesterday I was having problems with my bowels, my husband came home from work in the morning because he was vomiting. I have no idea what is from but it was weird that both of us was having problems, and my neices was too. Well you have a great day and take care, Sam
  20. Sam


    It wasn't shingles YAY!! It was a rash frommixing two kinds of lotion one on top of each other. Tanning lotion and a self tanning lotion. Ok not doing that again. I knew shingles was painful so I wasn't sure if I had it or not. The pain I have had has been going on for years, so I figure it wasn't shingles but had it checked out.
  21. Kristi, hi! I too have CREST and other stuff. too many to mention. Glad to see you found this site. A lot of good information and friends on here.
  22. I just got off the phone with Ron. He said she was having shortness of breath and that was going on for awhile. Last month when I had talked to him he had mentioned that and also said that all the test they had ran came back ok. So he with the fibrous being there that is what cause her shortness of breath but what made her go was her heart just stop. She has had a rough 18 months. Going through kidney dylaisis and being in and out of the hospital. Well I willl be going to Michigan on Thursday for the visitation. I am going to start cooking and take some food up there to help out. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I really do appreciate it. Sam
  23. Her name is Dorothy and she was diagnosis with scleroderma 2 years ago. I don't have any details of what happen yet but I am taking this very hard. I met her at a group meeting and she was so scared and was so glad she met me and others group members. It helped her meeting other with scleroderma and for her to know she was not alone. Well I jsut wanted to share this with you all and please keep her family in your thoughts. We are surely going to miss her dearly. At least I know I am. Sam
  24. I have a line of something on my left side and they itch, i'm not sure I f there is pain becasue I'm you know how you can make your body do things. Sam
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