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  1. I will see my doctor in the morning. It hurts when I sneeze and bend down word. Strange huh. I can hardly pick anything up or stretch out. My elbow is hurting pretty bad this evening. Well I will let you know what the doctor say's. Sam
  2. The other morning I couldn't raise my arm up with out help of the other one. It is getting worse. Calling the doctor today about it. When I cough or sneeze or try to use it I get this excurating pain. I have no idea what I did to it, Howie thinks its from me pulling the cord from the lawn mower the other day, I told him I didn't pull too hard and If I did I would of felt it right away, at least that is what I think. Who knows all I know it hurts like crazy, having trouble sleeping with it too. Well let you know what the doctor's says.
  3. Well my test went well yesterday, the gentleman that did my PFT was really nice. We ended up talking for awhile after the test was done. He said I did good but there was one area I didn't do so well, which I already knew that. Will post when I get results. Sam
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    YOu need to call your doctor you might have upper resporatory infection. I have to do the same thing, I'm wheezing too, alot of people are having problems lately with allergies and sinuses etc.,. Sam
  5. I get tinfgling in my ponky too especially when I work out. my tip of my tongue goes numb too. Sam
  6. I too have rib pain it's on my left side and its constant too. I had it since 2003, and we have had exrays onit and they said they can't see anything. but I think they are crazy!! I am dealing with that today and my middle of my back pain too. I'm calling my chiro I think I need to have an adjustment done on my back. Atleast tht is what I am hoping for. Take care Sam
  7. Mine are on both forearms and I use to have them on my right knee area. I thought at one time I had some on my thumb but the doctor said no and it went away. I have not heard of it being around the mouth area at all. Sorry I can't help, Sam
  8. Barefut, I use a chair that is for staduims yes those bleachers can really hurt your back when you sit too long. They have some that look really nice those cost a bit more then you have some that look like lounge chairs, I'm not sure what the cost is for them. I think you should be able to find them at walmart or kmart.
  9. Well two days ago I was sneezing thought it was something in my moms house it does it to me all the time when I go over there. Now this morning it is full blown allergies, I just feel awful. I was wondering how many are you suffering from allergies right now. I odnt know what is worse having a common cold or this. Well eiter way I dont want either. Well I'm gonna go I have things I need to do and I'm behind this morning already. Sam
  10. I would continue to see the other rheumatologist in Seattle. They know you and that is what you need. Aparenlty he didn't read your medical records forhand. So that is what I would do. I hate starting to see a new doctor. Sam
  11. Sweet, I'm glad it was ok. So what is the next step? Sam
  12. I dont take anything for my fibro my doctor recommended water theraphy, which helped alot. sam
  13. Karen, I am so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. Just to let you know we are here for you. Take care, Sam
  14. I do not wear gloves when I clean. I never have. One I don't like how they feel . And two just never thought of it really. I just can't imagine having my finger tips spilt and sore like you have mentioned. I guess I better take a better look at my finger tips. Sam
  15. Deb, I'm sorry you don't have the answers to your questions but go on your holiday and have a good time. When you get back hopefully the doctor has what your looking for. Take care, Sam
  16. Hope your feeling much better today. if it doesn't let up call the doctor. sam
  17. Jessica, I had raynauds as my first symtpom of having scleroderma. But at that time they did not know if I was going to have scleroderma or Lupus. For many years I had joint pain. Sam
  18. Ever since I can remember I have taken a nap during the day. When I was younger my mom said smething to doctor about it, and he told her if I needed it that I must needed it. Don't discourage me from taking one. And she never had. I today still take my naps during the day. But it is more than 30 minutes though. It just helps me get through the rest of the day then I can continue to enjoy the evening watching my favorite shows.
  19. Yesterday I had spent the morning online trying to find out what our meds were going to cost us. Well I couldn't get in, they said I had already have account, and silly me didn't remember that and didn't write anything down. Finally I did find my password and username but then it wouldnt let me in. so I gave up and called them. For all our meds it cost $210.00 for a 90 day supply. Which isnt bad but if you don't have the money then on the other hand that isn't good. I did get my two weeks of meds through our pharmacy that I normally use. But they the doctors office forgot to call in my husbands. So I had to call them and I did then I got disconnected because I was on my cell phone. Well anyways they left a message on the phone that they were sorry and that they did call in for my husband meds. Well one thing about this mail order medication thing it scares me a bit. Only because I am so use to using my Pharmacists. How do I know they are going to get the right meds? Like yesterday I had recived a medication for my thyroid and it was differnt then the one I usally take. So I had called to see why they gave me an differnt one and they said through mail order that is what they will mail to me. Which I dont think is right. If your taking a med that the doctor prescripe why do they give you something else that is just like it but differnt name. That is what I dont trust. I did get online to see if that med was the one tht I needed and what it was. You know you have to watch out for ourselves. Because sometimes they have workers in the pharmacy who are not really qualified in getting your scripts. I wonder when they have workers like that and they can't read the scripts fromthe dotors do they call the doctors to see what they prescribe to the patient. Well that my thought on this. Sorry for rambling on. But it was something that was bothering me. Sam
  20. Hope, I can't beleive he said up to ten years, that is so 1980's of him. Well Hope one thing is for sure there is many treatments out there to help with the symptoms of having scleroderma. To say you have 10 years is not an answer anyone wants to hear. I was told the same thing in 1996 well its 2007. I am not dying. I actully do pretty good except for being really tired most of the time and I have aches and pains too, due to fibromylgia and osteoarthritis. But I am here. There is alot of good and bad reading about scleroderma on the websites. We are all at different stages and not all people who have sclero is the same. I hope that makes since. The best thing for you and your family is to read as much as you can about scleroderma and become advocate for your mom. Here on the site is alot of good information plus stories that we have written about our selves. Please read!!! Well take care of yourself as well as your parents. Sam
  21. My hair started thinning out years ago, but now its not too bad. I take folic acid and it helps with that but mainly take it to help with my energy. I also use a more expensive shampoo too but I always try making my hair more fuller with some products. If I don't do something with my hair its flat and it doesn't look very nice. Well just wanted to let you know your not alone in this. Sam
  22. Well my doctor says I am doing good, he thinks most of my pain is from having fibro, which could be. We left it at that, he knows I don't like taking any more meds than what I am on. He knows if I need anything that I will email him. So he wants me to go have a PFT and Echo done soon. I didn't have on done last year. I know bad girl. I did promise him that I will get it done this time around. Oh we did talk about me working out and he thinks its a good idea and told me to take it easy. He did tell me that he thinks water theraphy would be better for me though. I had told him I was thinking of doing that again anyways. So that is where I am at now. Sam
  23. Well I will seemy rheumatologist tomorrow and I am going to discuss this with him. I think I had made a bad choice on what exercising I am doing. I'm thinking of doing water theraphy again that is so much better for me. I think. I am still sore this morning. I have been taking a pain pill plus rubbbing my legs. When I walk I feel like a penguin, LOL!! Welol take care and I will let you know what my rheumatologist tells me tomorrow. Sam
  24. Well I think you will be alright but you are going to have the echo redone today. So if anything changes they will see it and go from there. I know a lady that had one done and got the results of having PH and she waited about three weeks to get back in and was fine. They did put her on a med and she is doing pretty good now. But agian we are all different with this disease. Just hang in there and let us know what the second echo say's. Sam
  25. Sam

    Saw My Gp

    Patty I think all doctors do that now. In fear of us geting hooked on the pain meds I see it happening more and more each day. He is just looking out for you not him, well him too because he can loose his license. I hope that taking one pain med will help you. If not seek out pain management doctor then. Hope this helps. Sam
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