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  1. Well I started working out yesterday and I think I need to cut back on how long, I had worked out for 30 minutes and I think I should start out at 15 minutes then woork my way up. My workout day's are Monday, Wednesday And Friday. On Tuesday and and Thursday I will be walking. So today I am relaxing not doing anything strenous. I will get my walking in the grocery store later on today. I think I am going to sit in a hot bath and rub my legs, that is what mostly is sore. So if you plan on exercising make sure you listen to your body I did mine when working out but paying for it now. I actually thought it wasn't going to hurt so I continued after 15 minutes. I actually felt pretty good. Well take care, Sam
  2. Yes I do feel alot better. Now I haven't gone since the other day but I know if I am passing gas that is a good thing. Sam
  3. I use to get that too years ago. I hd noticed it that it happen when I was in a restuarnt where I would go and have coffee before work. I think it was from my meds I had taken at the time. I haven't done it in years. It felt like a nervous disorder or soemthing. Sam
  4. No you can still get the common cold and other stiff while having sclero. Sam
  5. Hello Jerry'swife, well what I do is give myself a foot massage treatment, I have brought stuff from a body shop. I do this once a week and my feet look and feel so good. I even do my husbands because he stands on them all day. They have a whole line of foot care and I use it everyweek. It has soften up my feet tremedously and I just love the way it feels. Well I hope this helps, Sam
  6. Well the other night I was haivng problems with my bowels I would go but not enough to relieve the pressure. I was up most of that night. Well yesterday I had called to speak with my the nurse for my Gastro doctor. Well I had waited all day and no one called. So at 6:00 I had called the office to get the other number they give you to call the doctor on call. Lucky for me it was my gastro doctor. He said he ws sorry that no one responded back to me earlier, but he told me to go get an over the counter product. Before he mentioned that he did ask me if I had tried anything I told him no I was afraid to because of what happen the last time. And that I wasn't sure what I could take because of the ulcerative colitis. Well I did go get some and now I feel so much better. The cramps are just awful and to go through this I would not wish on anyone. Sure I was up almost all night and still going but its better than just going a little bit and having cramps and the pressure. I'm having pain on my left side again I know its from inflamation. I usually have it and it started back in 2003 when I had my last bout of having bowel problems but they couldn't find out why I was having pains in my left side. So I didn't mention ot to him. It is uncomfortable. Well that is my story. I guess what I am saying is that somethimes we just don't know what to do for our selves that might can hurt us. How do you know what to take that is over the counter? I take alot of different kinds of medicine and it hard to know what won't hurt us or helps us. And its really stearing us in our face. LOL! Sam
  7. I have problems with my feeet too. At night I rubbed them with the other foot. It feels so good. When I was in my twenties my feet would feel like it was buring and I would have to take my shoes off. I can remeber one time I couldn't get my shoe untied quick enough so I had cut the shoe lace. Eventually it went away. What bothers me now is when I am standing too long, I have no padding on the ball of my foot, plus I have no arches so I wear arch supports. Sorry you are having a time with your feet. I hope it gets better soon. Sam
  8. Sam


    I couldn't take zelnorm, but I was able to take reglan and it work very well with me with no side effects. But we all are differnt. Sam
  9. Erin, yes you do make it through the day without crying. But that happens when your ready to make it happen. I was 21 going on 22 when I had found out and I had cried all the time. I remember wanting to go away and never coming back. Also I had asked for me to be around to watch my children grow up and graduate from school. They all did plus I have two new granddaughter's this past year as well. Things do get better but right now you are going through what so many of us have. Coming on here and reading and talking with others will be a big help to you. So dont get too discourage when your feeling down, I still getting feeling down every now and then, especially when something in my life goes wrong, but I think as a person we all do that regardless if we have a disease or not. Take care, Sam
  10. Shelley you are right on that, Even though it was apparent that he did do discrimantion there is nothing I can do about it. That is why I had mention that when you work with any employer do not mention that you have a disability unless you are going to ask for accomdations. My BVR conuselor told me that. I work with the Ohio Rehabilitation Services, they work with people who have disabilites and help them find employment. She had called me yesterday to ask if she had permission to call the doctor to see as to why he let me go, I told her yes, she could but under no circumstances would I go back to work for him. So she has called, He said to her that I had hunged up on several Insurance Reps' when calling for benfits. Which I did not. I had asked one lady if I could put her on hold because she was talking so fast and I was having a hard time understanding her. This was my second time of getting benefits over the phone where you speak with a represenitive. Well I had asked Pam if she would come help me. So Pam came over to help me. So that is why I had lost my job. Well all this is a learning lesson for sure. I told my counselor I will not be looking for a job at this time. I am going to wait for the judge to make her decision on me getting disability or not. I should hear something soon. The 90 day's are almost up. Sam
  11. One don't ever talk about filing for disability with a employer unless you aks for accomdations for work. I had made this mistake and lost my current job and I really like it alot. The reason why I said something is that I should be hearing something by the end of the month, plus as some of you all know I am an honest person. Last week I had talked with my boss about me filing for disability and said that I would still work for him plus I would need my pay cut. He said to me that we would work this out when the time comes. Then On Wednesday I started not feeling good and I left early, we had everything ready for Thursday patients and there was three of us there at the office. So I wasn't leaving anyone short. Well on my way home I started getting sick and that evening was just awful vomiting and direahea, So I had called the boss( doctor) to let him know I was sick and would not be in on Thursday. Again I was not leaving them short at the office. We need two people there and there would of been the threee of us. Well thursday morning I wasn't feeling any better but the vomiting and direahea stop but I could breath and my chest ws hurting a bit, Well I had made an doctor's appointment and he told me that I had an upper respirtory infection. He gave me a script and a note for the doctor to excuse me for that day. I had gone into work on Friday since we didn't have any patients to help get things ready for this week. Which we did in four hours. On friday's we only work until 1:00. Well on my way home around 2:00 and 2:30 the doctor called and said that it wsnt working out, I said what isnt working out. He said the girl said that I just wasn't getting it. I said getting what? He said the job. My job consitis of billing and coding and insurnace claims. Which I was trained for in School and greaduated with a a 3.96, well I had hung up on him, I was really upset and plus I was drining at the time of the call. I had called the lady tht was training me to see if she knew anything and she didn't. She said it was probably becasue I had missed work on thursday. And that she is really upset, she said finally we get the help we need and someone who can do the job and he lets you go. She also mentioned that she might quit her job because of it. I told her not to do anything rash. So ther is a lesson to be learn from this. Well take care, Sam
  12. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow . Keep us posted. Take care, Sam
  13. Gray wolf congrats!! What a load off your mind. Take care, Sam
  14. I think you need to call the doctor too. Take care of your self and let us know what is going on. Sam
  15. Make sure they are a disability lawery and if heor she has heard of Scleroderma. My lawery has heard of scleroderma and won many cases. His father was a disability judge. I hope all goes well for you make sure you write and get all the medicals records you can for them. I would say you will be there for awhile getting things organzied. I hope yours won't take as long as mine is. Good luck!!! Sam
  16. Sam

    Dry Mouth

    I use biotene tooth paste and mouth wash and plus I take a med called Evoxac for the sjogren's. Plus I drnik lots of liquds. My lips are dry most of them time and I use lipstick or chap stick on them so I dont get them chapped. Well I would talk with your docotr to see what kind of medicine he or she can give you. it does help. Sam
  17. i get it every now and then but I like to rub my feet together to fall alseep its relaxes me. but on the nights my legs are restless I get up and stretch them out for a bit and walk around then I go back to bed. I dont take anything for it yet, haven't mention it to the doctor's yet. Patty what is the bar of soap at the bottom of the bed for? What does it do ? Sam
  18. Karen I had found it to be hard just a little bit, like breathing was my main thing. Especially if I was doing something. We do use our central air in the summer time. I just dont over exert myself in the summer time, but other than that I liove when it is warm. I feel so much better. Hope this helps and Im glad to see you on this board. Sam
  19. Hi all! Well the job is going good and he finally hired me on Wednesday. Plus he had hired two more girls too. I had to go get scrubs to wear to work and BVR is going to reimburse me for them. so out of pocket I had paid nothing so far. I will buy more scrubs though I want more of a selection. They have alot of cute scrubs out. Well for the job, i wait on the patients, checked them call for the insurance benefits, filing and all the other stuff you do in an office. It is very tiring for me and it does take all my energy for this, but I keep telling myself its the right thing to do right now. Im lucky to have a husband who will cook dinner and help clean when needed. He knows it hard on me and he tries to help out. Well I'm gonna get going Howie fixed dinner for me tonight again. Sam
  20. Good morning I have a few minutes ansd I thought I would let you know I had an interview with a dentist yesterday and he wants me to try it out to see if I would like the position. I will be doing clerical work. This is going to be strange but he doesn't use computer's he has them write everything manually. But that is ok. I am fine with it. My lawery called on sunday to say it can take up to 90 days or more for the judge. So I have to wait some more. Well I have no time to wait for disability and I am going to work. Well I have to get going. Wish me luck!!! Sam
  21. Hi all! Well Its February 14 th and it has been two months since I had my hearing and still have not heard anything. I really don't think it right to put someone on hold like that. It is very unprofessional. Every time I call to talk to my lawery he is out doing other hearings. No one calls me back and I am just plain fed up with it. What do you do. Besides wait, I have waited patiently. Well I just need to let that out. Take care, Sam
  22. Steph hello! I have CREST too. I was diagnosis years ago though. You will get alot of good information on here. Glad you had joined. Take care and ask away. Sam
  23. Yes it can be part of having scleroderma, I have no strength in my upper arms like I use to. And I ache from my neck on down and in certain areas, which is fibromyglia. I can't beleive you had shoveled some snow the other day. I havent done that in a long time and I will not even try. I hope your shoudler pain doesn't last too much longer. Maybe put some moist heat on it for about 10 minutes and see if that will help. Well let us know what the doctor say's take care and no more shoveling snow!!! Sam
  24. Sam


    Sakar, I take what the doctor tells me too. My mom does take one over the counter. But she also takes something else for it as well. Prescription. I'm thinking that medcare should pay for the protonix, you should call them to make sure though. that is the only way you will know for sure. Good luck, and I'm sorry to hear that you can't afford your protonix right now, maybe you should shop around at other drug stores to get the best deal, not all are the same. Sam
  25. Well what I would do to find a Pulmnologist in your area is see if there is a support group in your area and see if they can provided you with any information in to finding one. Plus don't forget to ask your primary doctor or sclero doctor. Maybe try going online and see what they can provide you with. Or call your insurance company. Well I hope this help and dont let your family get you all stressed out.
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