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  1. YAY!!! No Cancer for me. I am so happy. I would not want it twice in my life. First time was cervical cancer. That was enough for me. Just wanted to share some good news with you . Sam
  2. Mike take a look at all of them if you would like. There is alot of good information here on the board. Aslo Don't use your first and last name in here security reasons, OK!! I read what catches my eye. But I try to read them all. Sam
  3. Sam


    Whirlway, wow my parents and I was tlaking about this last night. My dad had it done many years ago and it has helped him. I think I would get it done if the doctor told me I should need it. Sam
  4. Sam

    Liver Pain

    I was wondering why you had asked this question. Do you have a problem with liver pain. I have a pain on my left side rib area is that where you feel the pain at? I have had pain for three years and no one can tell me why. Sam
  5. I am so happy for you!!! I'm still wating for my decision it has ben since December when I had my hearing. I call my lawery once a week and still nothing. Well enough of me get your testing done and let us know what all is going on. Sam
  6. Nan, I havent heard about that or my disability yet. Sam
  7. Sweet, I think you need to call the doctor and let him know what is going on. I agree with Shelley. Sam
  8. Mary, thanks for you input. Yes I see my rheumatologist who specilizes in Scleroderma. As you mentioned before about some meds that we can't take because of gastro problems. I am one of those people. My gastro doctor only wants me to take tylenol for the pain. I have ulcerative colits and hiatal hernia plus Barrett's. So most of the time I just deal with the pain. Sam
  9. Thanks Craig. That is interesting. Sam
  10. Yep it sounds like raynuad's. Don't stick your hand in cold water again. OUch!! Well we all agree on that dont we. Well the best thing for you is to let the doctor know. Take care and keep those hands warm Sam
  11. Sam

    Steve Uk

    Sweet did you see the picture of him and our friend? They are really good. Sam
  12. Why would you hope for strep? And what is going for you to say that? Maybe you need to call the doctor today!!! Sam
  13. Just remember you will need someone to drive you home. I had slept all that day and night last night. I did get up and eat some chicken noodle soup and a half of a sandwich then I had gone back to bed. Howie told me I should of waited for him to come to fix something but I told him I was hungry and I didn't want to wait. But it was a good thing I didn't try to fix something else I would of had problems. I had more of a problem this past time then the times before. Oh well it's over with and now I will have to wait for the results. I have to call next week for them. Take care everyone Sam
  14. Good early evening everyone. They had taken a biopsy. Something about my Barrett's again. They had a hard time finding a vane. He said the skin on my hand is tight. Imagine that. Well I will let you know aobut the results when I get them back Going back to sleep. Not feeling too hot. I had slept all day as it was. Take care, Sam
  15. Shelley, thanks I kinda thought it could happen,I read so much that I often forget. I did email my rheumatologist to let him know. See what the next step is. Thanks again, Sam
  16. It feels like someone is taking a medal instrument and stabbing them. I haven't felt that in a long time. the last time was when I had an ulcer on my left index finget when I was 21 years old. But I dont have an ulcer. My left hand fingers hurt more than my right. but it really hurts when I am laying down and sleeping I'm not laying on them or have them clenched. I also notice that they are bending more. Can people who have CREast have that? Sam
  17. Thank you!!! I knew it could be somewhere I tried looking for it as well I only found about the speriometer or something like that. Sam
  18. Awhile back someone posted information about reading/interpreting PFT results (may have been on the old board). I was wondering if you could repost that information here. I would greatly appreciate it. Sam
  19. Here is some other things you can do to help you out at home. 1. Use a pencil tip to dial the phone number that are needed. 2. You can have someone nail a finger nail clipper to a board that way you can use the palm of your hand to cut your nails. 3. for lamps that is hard to turn on put a clothes pin on the switch so it will be easier to turn on. 4.loop shoelaces or strips of fabric though your drawer pulls and refrigerator handles to create large soft pull. 5.line your pans with aluminum foil. 6. raised toilet seat 6 inches will make it easier to get on and off. 7. A pair of velcro closures sewn on behind the buttons eliminates the button problem. 8.for your clothes hanging in the closets have the lowered to wear you can reach them. 9. attach key rings to your zipper pulls that are difficult for you. I have more if needed, Sam
  20. Thanks everyone that replied. Yes hopefully the pain will subside soon. I'm calling the chiro again to day to see if I can get in. Take care, Sam
  21. Yes I had my back and hips x ray. I have OA in both and in my back I also have some scoliosis. I only can take certian meds because of the Ulcerative colitis. So I am limited. But thanks everyone. I didn't realize I had two messages go through, I thought one went away into space. Sam
  22. Hey Sweet, hello! I do walk everyday but not alot of walking due to it hurts my lower back and left hip. I know it's from the OA that is bothering my back, plus I slouch and that doesn't help any either. I was just wondering what people do when there back hurts . Sam
  23. Well I was wondering how do you relieve your back pain? I take a bath and soak for awhile, I use a heating pad and have my husband rub it for a bit. I noticed lately that my back hurts when I sit to long. So I have to get up and lay down for a bit to releive the pain. I also take a pain med but it doen't even touch it. I did see my chiro last Thursday and need to see him this week too I think. Well I was just wondering. Sam
  24. I have back pain and it is constant. I notice that latley I can't sit for long periods of time and I have to go lay down to make it feel better but it really doesn't feel better. I did go see my chiro last Thursday. It helped some. I need to see him again. Sam
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