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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Hopefully I will hear something soon. It will be a month on the 14th. And I beleive that is a sunday. So I know I won't hear anything on that day. Sam
  2. Well as you know I am still waiting. How long does it take an Judge to contact a doctor to get the information needed to help her make the decision. This is nuts It was bad enough of making me sit there for two hours because she wanted to go to her husband holiday party. Then we had the hearing and then she decides she doesn't have enough information to help her make the decision she should of had that done before the hearing. Then I didn't get home until 5:00 and had to think about cooking dinner lucky for me the kids called and asked us to come over for dinner. I think this is so ridicous if you ask me. I need to know what I am going have to do next. If I do have to find a job or what. If I get disability I will work part time but if not then I am going to have to work full time and I know for a fact that can't be done. This is my life that is in her hands. Ok enough of whinning its not for me. but it aggravting me. Thanks for listening and reading about my problems. Sam
  3. I had just seen my gastro doctor last Thursday and he gave ame some medicine called Canasa its for this. I told him I have a problem sometimes of leaking out. And that at night I try to keep it clean but it itches. They are a suppository. I still yet to use it. Will let you know how it works.
  4. Elehos, Years ago when it was just me and my childen I wasn't able to get help from Family services my children could but I couldn't. I dont know what will happen now. It is a wait and see for now.
  5. Yesterday I had seen my Gastro, He walked in the room and told me I didn't look good. I told him I was very tired and didn't sleep much the night before, not to worry I wasn't worried about coming in. And that I was in the car since 9:00 this morning and I had got home ate a bowl of cereal and left to come down to see him. My blood work was great and I don't have to see him for another year. We did schedule an EDG for the 23rd of this month. No colonacopy YAY!!! I hate those things. Well I do need to call my chiro I am out of adjustment and I hurt all over. My fingers are giving me some problems to, it's the knuckle areas. I try to keep my fingers moving as much as possible. Need to chat with the rheumatologist maybe I will email him this morning. Found out yesterday that my husband the company he workd for sold it to another company and they are not sure if they will keep it going or not. I do worry about this alot because I need my medicine for all my problems. The jobs around here are not great paying jobs anymore. And most of them don't give you any medical. Another thing I am worried about. Well I will deal with that when the time comes. Well I need to get going I need to call my lawyer still havent heard anything about disability yet. Need to make other calls to. Take care Sam
  6. Sam


    Hi Nan, I'm Sam I also have CREST, Fibro and Sjogren's and Ulcerative Colitis, Osteoarthritis, Hiatal hernia. I was diagnosis with sclero in 1996 I have the CRET well some of the S. Sam
  7. thanks I am still waiting for an decision, no word yet. I hate waiting. Sam
  8. Cathy welcome. This is a good place to come to I have been a member for over three or four years. Sam
  9. Sweet it is driving me nuts. but I guess I have to just not think about it even though it is hard. I would like to know, that way I can figure out what to do with my self. Sam
  10. I still haven't heard anything. I had left a meesage with my lawery the other day and he still hasn't gotten back to me. Sam
  11. I am so happy for you and your family, Congrats!!! Sam
  12. Yes it was tiring but well worth it to me. today we made some cookies and now I am done baking. Just taking it easy until tomorrow need to take my mom shopping for the holidays. I will be exhausted after that. Sam
  13. Well as most of you know Thursday was my hearing so far I haven't heard anything yet. Friday my son and his wife and the baby girl Hailynn came up here to visit. They left today, and I am so tired and just wiped out. Howie hasn't been feeling good at all and I have been trying to stay away from him. It seems like he has been sick for two weeks, I could be wrong but it just seems like it. The visit from the kids was wonderful. We had celebrated our holidays with them on saturday, I had invited my parents to come over and have dinner, I had fixed a chicken, ham and bacon fetticini, with rolls and a salad. We had some yummy sweet desserts. I will tell you that it was the best present that I have received yet this year. To see my grandaughter Hailynn, she is 4 months old and she is a cutie, she doesn't cry hardly at all, knock on wood. Well it is time for me to relax I had made some cookies tonight my daughter Annie will be over in the morning to makes some candies and frost my sugar cookies. Take care , Sam
  14. Michelle, I take prozac and have for many years mine is for depression but I think it also helps with the pain some. I have a PFT done every year. I think the receeding gums can be from the scleroderma. I have a gentleman that has problems with his teeth that belongs to a group that I do and that is how he found out that he has scleroderma. Well lets let the doctor make that decision though. I'm glad you had found this group they are awesome here and I have been a member for a long time I think 3 years or so. Take care Sam
  15. That is so great, it has taken me three years to get an hearing and it was yesterday. I am so happy for you. Take care Sam
  16. To make a long story short I am waiting for the judges decision, she needs to speak with a medical expert, which she should of done in the first place instead of a vocational expert. Oh well I have nothing to loose to wait even longer. I had filed in 2003 and I just got my first hearing. Hopefully my last to. Sam
  17. I have heard that before, I'm glad you had called that place to get some help on getting your records. I can't believe that doctor would not send records to the new doctor. Like the doctor saud he can't do that. Well good luck and let us know what happens.
  18. I take nexuim twice a day plus when I have refux at night I drink this medicine called Zegerid 40 mg. I'm sorry that your insurance does not cover nexuim, but ask your doctor for samples or maybe call the company that makes it and see what they can do for you. Hope this helps.
  19. Sam


    I would try taking your prilosec around 6:00 pm or so way before you lay down for the night. The refux is making the water come back up. See if that helps then if it doesn't contact the doctor so he can do a test to makes sure everything is going ok. I hope this helps.
  20. A wife, a mother and a grand mother. It doesn't really matter what you do in your life time. It is just getting you ready for what is going to happen next . Maybe that sounds a bit off but who is really gonna remember all the good you have done. You know it's kinda like people in the military when they get home from being on tour, people have a big to do (Welcome home party)then it is over with and we gone on like it not important anymore. It's just in that moment. You will be remembered. Sam
  21. Denelle, maybe you an see if you can contact your local BVR. It's a rehabilitation service that each state has to help those who become disabled. I have gone through them and they paid for me to go to school and is helping me find a job that I can do being disabled. In Ohio It is Ohio Rehabilitations Services (BVR). Hope this helps, I to get down about having scleroderma and the other things that is going along with it. Take care, Sam
  22. My mom and I went to a lot of shops and now my back and hips hurt so bad. I have pain every day but this is gotten worse. It worn me out. Today if I go any where I am gonna have to use my cane. I had woke up 2 hours ago and I am so sore. Thinking of junping in the tub for a bit. I wish I had a hot tub that would be awesome. Howie rubbed my back before he left work. I want to do some baking today but I'm not sure if that is gonna happen or not. Well I jut wanted to check in. Take care Sam
  23. For your elbows try this take some lemon wedges and rub around the spot that is dirty looking. Let it soak for a bit then wash off then put on some lotion. Do this a few times and hopefully it will go back to way it should be. I think its from dry skin or from leaning on your elbows , I dont really know but see if that works. Take care, Sam
  24. Thanks everyone I really do appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Joshua is doing pretty good this morning. He had called work to find out if he should come in , they told him no because there isnt anything he can do that is light duty. They want him to come in when he has permission and is lifted off the restrictions. Today we are going to call Aflac and let them know about the accident. That money will help him alot. I guess it was a good thing he had paid for it. He did have it then he cancled it then a while back he decided to get it again. Well again thank you, Sam
  25. The other night the door bell rang and it ws the state highway police wanting to know if Josh lived here, I said yes then they asked if he was here, and he was. He walked home from the accident and it was a walk, when he came home he did not wake me up to tell me he was hurt. We took him to the ER and he has a right broken collar bone and it is chattered in lots of palces. Poor kid is haivng problems laying down and getting up. so he needs my ehlp but I dont' mind. He is my son and I am very thankful he is alive. He some what wrapped his car around a tree. If there was a passenger he would of been killed. Please keeps us in your thoughts we surely need it. I have been really worned out and it is taking a toll on me, I had so much to do for him call the insurance and his work and go get things out of his vehichle etc.,. I had gotten home at 6:00 in the morning and left here at 8:30 and was gone until 1:00 I had came home and slept until 4:00 then got up fixed dinner and went back to bed while watching Charlie Brown. Now I am wide awake but that is ok, I had slept enough yesterday and last night to get caught up. Well thanks for listening, I needed to chat about it, it still brings tears to my eye's thinking I could of lost my son. Take care and have a good day, Sam
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