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  1. I to have lots of hip pain, mine is due to osteoartirits, today is been awful for me. I had gone to the store and I just ached when I was walking in and out. So I had came home and relaxed . Took a nice warm bath and hopefully it will make my hip feel better. Take care, Sam
  2. Laurie, thankyou you do the same. Sam
  3. Ann this is what I am doing for Thanksgiving, My family is coming over and everyone is bringing a dish. I am fixing the turkey with my husband help. Plus a few little things. I buy cornet plates and I do use regular silver ware. As we dirty up a dish we work to gether to wash it and put it away right way. I don't make a fuss of making sure my house looks spectualr. If they don't like the way it looks too bad. My house is not a messy house. We have been doing this for years, and it helps on the person who is having it at there house. We all pitch in. If you hubby and the others don't understand that it is too hard you then see if they want to do it at there house. But you make the plans on what everyone should bring. I hope this helps, Sam
  4. Hello, I would call your gastro doctor. I get that way to. I have a haital hernia with ulcerative colitis and Reflux really bad. Well let us know what the doctor say's. Take care, Sam
  5. I have calcuim deposits on my knees and forearms. I think you should show them to your doctor and see what he thinks. Secondary raynauds is what you have when you have scleroderma, or lupus with raynuads. Hope this helps. Sam
  6. I have had one for two years now. It is nice to have when am having problems walking or if it is really cold out. I do recommend to get one. My parents don't have one and I told them they should get one. They bothe had triple by passes and some other health issues. All they have to do is have a Doctor write out a script for it take it to the BMV and get one. It is that easy. Sam
  7. barefut, I had met my husband through our children, I had told him right off the bat about me having sclero. I also mentioned that I was not sure of what was going to happen to me. We have been together since 1996 and married since 2002. So far so good. Myself I would say go for it!!! Just come out and ask him if he is interested in seeing you again. Just be honest with him. Sam
  8. Good morning, well its here, fiorst it started off as my gum around my tooth was inflamed and that had gone away now it a full blow cold. I am so tired and dont have energy but I am trying to keep my self up for a bit. My hips are bothering me from laying down well they ache when I am sitting as well. I dont win either way. You all have a good day and keep warm , Sam
  9. Sam


    Yes I have fatigue really bad too and when I get sick it's even worse. My husband sometimes will say to me how can you sleep like that. I told him I didn't know but I have been like that ever since child hood. All these years I have battled fatigue, I just listen to my body and layed down when I am tired. Congrats on your 42 anniversary, I just had my 4 years with my third hubby. We idn't do any special either just stayed home and had a nice dinner. Take care. Sam
  10. Thanks everyone for the best wishes. I really need that. Don't worry I am not gonna worry about this what will happen will happen. It would be very nice to get it. Well I have to get going taking my parents downtown to the lawerys office. They dont know there way around there so they had asked me to drive. Chat later, Sam
  11. Yes I sure did I can't beleive the new look it looks awesome. Some getting use to though. But it's a good thing. Sam
  12. I had found out yesterday that it will be December 14th. I am nervous because I feel they won't give it to me. To look at me you would think I was healthy. I have some more information to gather up for the lawer. I will meet with him twice before the actual hearing. Which is good. They had asked me awhile back if I wanted it televised I told them No, only because they won't be able to see your expression as much as to having it face to face. Well wish me luck. Please I do need it. I have waited for 2 and half years for this to happen. Take care, Sam
  13. Hey Sweet how are you. You might have to help me around on here, lol I am getting a brain fog or something. take care Sam
  14. Hi all it IntregraTR99 but I go by Sam. That is my nick name. I had to check this out I'm still have to learn what is going on here. So bare with me. Take care. Sam
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