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  1. I too have pain in my sleep I also take Lyrica for it and also Prozac seems to help it too. If I don't take my medications I hurt all night. At least I can get a good night sleep every other night. You might want to mention this to your doctor. I'm not saying that my pain is gone completely by taking the medications at night, but it does help some. Sam

  2. Lisa, wow that had to be awful, I hope it doesn't come back again. I have never heard of such a thing. I am glad your daughter wasn't hurt more than she was. I remember doing that too when I was in school. That hurt.. Well take care and keep us updated. sam

  3. The Ohio Bureau of Disbility Determination. She had called to get more information on my past jobs. Wanting to know if I had to stoop kneel and lift anything or how long I had to sit. etc. She is going to give this to the doctors and have them review and I should hear something soon. So please hope I get on disability this has been going on since 2003. Sam

  4. Well I was wondering if any of you experience hand problems at night time. Recently my hands are going to sleep at night them sometimes if they are clenched I can't get them to open up. Also my palm on left hand hurts down to my wrist. It bothers me sometimes when I type too. So I know I must tell my rheumatologist I dont see him until Dec. 18th, I guess I could email him. Well I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced that. Sam

  5. I had noticed a change in my eyes last year and I went and brought me some readers. It does help, I have a hard time reading normal size print now. Its all blurry. My husband and I have been talking about making eye appoinments for the both of us. I'm just afriad what they are going to say but I must suck it up and go. Sam

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