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  1. Yes I think sclero can affect the hands in the palm too. You cna have carpal tunnel, you can have problems with your tendons. I know a few people with having problems with both. I dont know much about it but thought I would post to say yes I think it can be caused by sclero. Take care and let us know what the doctor says. Sam
  2. I just use a new window and kitchen and bath room cleaner. It is all natural.. It does an ok job. There is so many old remedies that is out there to clean our homes with. I jsut havent looked them up myself, I am trying to go green as much as possible. Sam
  3. I too have no padding on both feet plus my arches are gone too I have to wear arch supports and I am not to go barefoot but I do, or I wear my favorite sandals. I also have bunions on both sides of my feet and on both feet. I do need to see a foot doctor again I think my right side of my foot might be broken or something plus my one toe next to my big toe hurts and is been turning red. my toes seem curl over since I can remember but never thought about it until now. So yes our feet can be affected by sclero too.. Sam
  4. Shelley, my toes have always looked like they have been curved over when I am barefoot, plus I have bunions on both side of both feet. My one toe hurts really bad and when I where shoes that makes my toes lay flat it hurts them. I have no padding on both feet and my arches are gone too. So that is why I was asking if sclero effected the toes too. Thanks for the information though. Sam
  5. I was wondering if anyone has there toes affected by scleroderma, I'm not asking if you have Raynaud's in your feet. My toes well one toe is really bothering me. My toes have always crinkle over, looking weird.
  6. Mine automatically turn white and I mean white. Then when I warm them up they are red pink. The only time they turn purple or blue is when I am really cold and I can't get them to warm up. Which only happens once in awhile. But I always had them turn white first. I have been experiencing a lot of Raynaud's attacks in the past two days. It is cooler here in Ohio not a happy camper.... Sam
  7. Yes I really think you can. I am more happier now than I have in a long time. I think I look at how Sadie was so happy and when you heard her voice you can tell it. So I wanted to be like that. And now I am . Of course with the help of some medicine. Sam
  8. Maria, I really think it depends on how your hands are to make that decison, but doing exercises like Lisa mention will be a big help.
  9. Lost, I'm glad you found this site, you will never feel alone and we know how you are feeling, as most of them has mention it is normal to have those feeling as being a care giver. It is hard, I know. Is there a local meeting in your area, that would be a big help for you and your best friend. I think speaking to others care givers will be a help to you. And your best friend talking with others with scleroderma. Good luck and keep us posted on how you both are doing. Sam
  10. Jaxsxx, I'm sorry to hear what is going on, so having raynauds can make you swell in the legs and feet. I never knew that. I have swellen in both legs and ankles. My ankles hurt at night and so does my knees. May I ask why are they doing infusions? Take care, Sam
  11. Tru, Whitehouse is a very old town that doesn't have hardly any of the old houses it use to.. And that is ashame. We do have some old business and that makes the town. But it is changing with the times. I grew up there and so did my husband, we lived a street away from one another but never talked when growing up until his boys and my children got together to set us up. Sweet, I do feel so much better, the meds are helping. I just wish I could get my knees to quit hurting when I need to move them at night. Take care, Sam
  12. Oh yes we will be staying in the area, we are thinking of going back to where we both grew up in Whitehouse. My parents are live there and I do want to be close to them plus Howie works in Whitehouse too. We dont see the grandchildren that much. My son lives in Kentucky and comes up twice a year. The others its too much drama that way so I am staying clear of it. Long story....
  13. Oh the days of riding on hayrides, they are so much fun too. You don't see it happening like it use to be when I was growing up. I live in the country and its beautiful to see the color changes of fall.
  14. RTS, thanks that will help me in some areas too. I do soak in a detox bath once a week. Sam
  15. Razz, that was awesome read. We had homemade apple pie yesterday it was so good. Take care, Sam
  16. Well I was in the hosptial for depression two weeks ago and I am doing good now. We put up our home for sale and I'm ok with that now. I have been busy cleaning areas that I dont usually clean but twice a year once in March once in December. I found out that I have 4 meds that I can get for $4.00 each and that is going to help us out big time. We were paying $210.00 every three months for our meds. Now all I have to do is get two of our meds through medco and that will be about $80.00 now instead of $210.00. So I am very happy with that. I'm still taking lyrica and as I said it has helped with my muscle pain, and getting back on prozac has helped with some other pain I was having, but nothing will take the neck pain and the hip pain away. So I just deal with it. I contacted my state rep's to help with my disability claim. So we will see if it will help me out or not. I do hope so, we could use the extra money. Well that is what has been going on with me, take care and have a great Day... Sam
  17. Well yesterday and the day before when I sit down I'm having a hard time getting up. My knees really hurt when I get up from the bed or sitting in a chair. I have been Lyrica since May and I'm not sure it is helping any longer. The other day I had a migrane first one since 2000 something. I got a sample of zomig and it took it away quickly. YAY!!! I went over to my daughters new apartment and My mom went with me. She too is having problems with her legs, they have been swollen for along time. Well any ways we looked at my daughters apartment then she ask us if we wanted to see the work out room sure so we decided to walk which Andrea' said it wasn't far, well it was farhter then what my mom and I wanted to go but we did. By the time we were walking back I could hardly walk and started to have pains in my knee area, Annie went and got her car but we were almost to where it was parked at. So she didn't have to drive far. She gets out and let me drive, I love to drive. So we went home, drop my mom off and she was stubbling to get to the door. Then it was my turn to get dropped off and I could hardly get out of the car. Then at 10:00 last night both knees cracked pop and what ever else it was and boy did that hurt, I thought maybe it would lessen up the pain it didn't. I also got a charlie horse this morning around 5:00 am. NOt too happy. So I think since this is going on I better call the doctor. It has been going on for awhile and not getting any better. So wish me luck sorry this was so long. Sam
  18. Prolly from the antibotics getting it out of your system. Atleast that is what I think. Sorry your not feeling well, I think I wouldnt either, You prolly should call your Gastro and let him know what is going on. Sam
  19. I do this all the time and also when I type I do it too.. Brain fog is now a actual thing caused by scleroderma. I too have this at times. So your not alone in this at all. Sam
  20. I just wanted to drop a few lines and tell everyone I am doing good, I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and it went very well. I really like this doctor is trying his best to help me. Things at home are not overwhelming anymore. YAY!! And my nasty thoughts are gone... YAY!! We have been getting our house ready to do an Open house on Sept. 15th so anyone who is looking to buy a home in Ohio let me know.LOL! I posted the house online. Today we are going to be triming the trees and bushes around the house. I will be doing my flower beds. Which normally I dont do because winter is coming. But all in all I am doing good. Well I just wanted to drop in and say hello and Happy Labor day to you all. Sam
  21. for awhile until I can get myself together and things that need to be done here at home. So if your wondering why I havent posted that is why. Take care, HUgs. Sam
  22. Pam you will have some strange dreams but the do subside, also it will help you sleep when I go to bed it knocks me out until I wake up some nights I dont sleep well those are the nights Im usually in alot of pain or just uncomfortable. I think you need more then a weeks worth to see how it will be. It can give you more energy in about 3 weeks. Oh the message and alignment sounds woenderful I so need to do that. Good luck.. Sam
  23. Sam


    I had a meeting the other night and the drug rep that was there told me to ask about nuerotin its like lyrica and I'm hoping that they will change it to nuerotin. The lyrica is making me have some bad feeling and I'm having to deal with that on top of my other stuff is a bit overwheling. Sam
  24. Yoga is great but I like water therapy its so much easier for you to move around in. And It helps with sore muscles. That is what I would pick out.. Sam
  25. I think you ought to call the medicare/medicad place. My brother girlfiriend can't get married to my brother because of something. Its just not worth her loosing her medical benfits. So they live together which I know alot of elderly people doing that now days for the same reason. Good lUck and Congrats if you do get married. Sam
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