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  1. Well I'm thinking that one of my doctors rheumatologist isnt sending stuff in I think I have to check on that, But they feel I am not severe enough to get it. I know my doctor (family said he will help as much as he can.) I am not giving up sometimes I feel like it though. To look at me you would never know. Maybe that is the problem. My lawery isnt slacking off . He is good what he does and he knows the ssd inside and out plus his father was a ssd judge. I just recieved more paper work today to do the reconsideration. I am letting my congress people know and hopefully they can help. I know all the stuff that is ssd approval needs. But if I am not severe enough for them they won't give it to me. So we will see. Thanks for everything . Sam
  2. my parents think I should get another one too. I have no clue what to do. I did contact my congress people to see if they could help and I havent heard anything. Maybe I will contact them again. Thanks for all your suggestions. Sam
  3. I had weight gain and day and night sweats it was awful, This happen las year in the fall. I was getting steroid injections in my neck a set of three every two weeks apart. It was awful I thought I was going through menopause and I wasn't then it had caused me to go into a flair and then I had to go on more steroids. So yes it can happen. I just had to ride it out as you are going to too. Sam
  4. Yes I have a attorney I have had one since 2004 or 2005. I really dont know what to do maybe give up.
  5. I got the letter yesterday morning. It says that my condition is not severe enough to be on disability. There is more but long story short I was Denied. :angry: I am so tired of this but I will continue to go on with it as I have been since 2003. I have been looking for jobs but no one has even called me for an interview. I have gone to school for medical billing and coding and right now no one is hiring for that. I have gone to fast food places, dr. offices, retail stores and other places too. Nothing.. :angry: :angry: Right now everyone is having a hard time finding a job. So what do I do. I guess we will have to sell my home. There isnt anything that sounds promising. Well I thought I would share this with you. Take care, Sam
  6. I just got off the phone with Suzie, She sounds great as always. She always seems to be in good spirits when we talk. I love to hear her voice. Well anyways as Darlene mention she is getting weeker and has lost some weight. She told me that they have been picking out pictures for a slide that they will show at her funeral. Her friend who is doing that showed them part of the slide and She said it brought tears to her eyes. Today before I had called she was picking ut the music she wants to go with it. She had mentioned she can't get out of bed her BP is really low. I thing she said 74/40. She mention that the hospice is great and she is happy to have them there. She is ok about leaving us and she knows she will be in a better place. As I said we had a nice talk for about 45 to 1 hour. She will be calling me tomorrow. She did mention her parents will call me if she passes on so I can let you and other know. Well I'm gonna go and you all take care and keep writing messages to her she said she will be on later to read them. Sam
  7. Cherlye, I have had calcuim deposits removed from my right knee back in 2003. I couldn't get them to heal and it was making a mess on my pants. I had to wear a ban aid everyday with some antibotic lotion. And then I found out I was allergic to the ban aids I was wearing. But they never came back. I do have more on both forearms. I will eventually have them removed. Good luck a the doctors to day and keep us informed. Sam
  8. Yes I agree wit Shelley on this one.Good lUck Hapi and let us know what the doctor say's. My mom took predisone for her shingles and it helped with her pain she was having in her legs once she got off the pain came back with a vengence. She is going to have surgery on her knees, hopefully that will help her. She is only 67 and walks like an 80 somethig would. Take care Hapi, hugs, Sam
  9. Wow that must of been awful to have happen, When I getmine done I do feel it especially in the areas where I am irritated at. I have ulcerative colitis. I have never heard of them giving strong pain medication for a colonoscopy. I think I would talk with the doctor and asked him a few questions about the morpine bit.. Sam
  10. i try and eat some crackers. But you might want to talk with your doctor about it and maybe he can give you something for it. I know mine did at one time I think it was called Zofran.
  11. I really dont know, I had my children all by the age of 21. That is when I started having my raynauds flair ups. But since childhood I never felt good tired all the time. So I really dont know. We think I have had it long time before finally get the diagnosis. Who knows. Sam
  12. Sam

    Hospice care

    Suzie thanks for the update, Sam
  13. I treat myself to a detox spa here at home its so relaxing and I do from head to toe and I'm done I feel really good. I then do my own nails and toe nails too. I do go and get my hair done every 4 weeks. As for anything else I do here at home. Tru I love to cook and cook all the time Ask Sweet. Well that is what I do
  14. I eat dark chocolate the little one bits things., I agree white choclate is nasty I don't even consider it chocolate to me it has a fake taste to it.. I have always called it fake choclate.
  15. Shelley Thanks for the link I found it to be very interesting. I have been on predisone and few times and Yes it can effect you badly. I know it happen to me. Thanks again. Leslie I am glad you found something that you could take too with out giving you the feeling of being high. I have taking Lyrica and it has been helping me. Sam
  16. Sam


    Suzie Hello! It was nice chatting with you this morning. Sugar water huh, I have heard of that. Sam
  17. Razz thanks for sharing your story. I hope you will some good news about your book. Take care,SAm
  18. I dont think Gout is related to sclero but I have heard of gout its from eating too much red meat can be the cause but like Shelley said you need to see a doctor about it.. take care and keep us updated. Sam
  19. Suzie I was just thinking about you too. I had posted a message to you. Can you email me you number so I can call you. I miss place the number you gave me a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad to hear from you though. Sam
  20. Christy I have had used salt on my carpets last summer it will kill fleas the only draw back is that is made my floors damp feeling. There is a spray you can buy that you can put on your furniture and floors that won't do like the salt. As for your cat punkin its best to get something from them for her. I know they sell stuff at the bigger chain stores but I dont know how effective it is. But it sounds like she is having an allergic reaction to something. I wish you could post a picture of your cat on here. I love cats. 5 years ago I had to get rid of mine, my grandma cousin took her home with her. They lived in Texas. Well my cat passed away last summer. Doug and Doroles said to me a few weeks ago if I find another cat like fat cat let them know that she was the best cat they ever had owned. She was a great cat when I had her too. She wouldnt go potty in the house she wanted to go outside. I did have box in the house for her but she preferred to go out. She never crawled the furniture. Well anyways I am babbling. I can't sleep I have reflux tonight. Good luck with your punkin. Sam
  21. georgette, you might want to talk to the doctor about this, I have not ever had this happen, When I was on predisone back in 2003 I was walking and my body felt heavy to walk, My legs were swollen like a man legs, but it eventually went away. sorry I can't help you. Sam
  22. Congrats, I am still waiting.. Sam
  23. Thanks everyone today is alot better for me. I have been hanging out with my hubby and I just got done cleaning my carpet and furniture it was much needed. Well I better go see what I have to fix dinner for us. Take care and thank u.. Peggy I so know how you feel about giving your left arm to have your son home from overseas. I was x marine wife and it was awful but I was a strong lady at that time. I will keep you and your son in my thoughts. Sam
  24. Well my son Mike and his wife and my granddaughter Hailynn came up last Tuesday and left yesterday to go back home. I am having a hard time with it. I miss them so much. Hailynn wouldnt let me hold her since she didn't know who I was. But she would smile at me. While they were up here I had a birthday party for Hailynn 2 months early but it was an enjoyable day and lots of good food. Yes I had cooked sunday morning to have everything ready at noon that day. I will tell you it's nice to have my house back to where it was 2 quite but I also miss having my children around and my neices over every night too. Well just wanted to have self pity party for me. LOL!! I will be ok in a few days. Sam
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    I second this too. Sam
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