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  1. I have had a Ana blood test that came back 1:160 with centromere pattern. In 2011 I also had a positive Ana test that was dismissed as a false positive and that was 1:80. I am uneducated but have a question. I do not have any of the 5 symptoms of Crest Syndrome that is what this pattern points too. Does this mean I have another false positive. Everything I have read said you need to have more than just a positive titer blood test. One thing I do have once in a while is my fingers feel like I have a touch of arthritis, but it is not all the time and not daily. I do not have any disclosing of fingers or toes, or skin issues that I see. Any ideas on why my blood indicates this? I am going to rheumatologists, but can't get apps till end of August and I am worried sick. Oh, btw I a vitamin D deficient and have taken D2 at 50,0000 IU and it did not help. They just started me on 50,0000 IU once a week of the D3. Thanks for any reply or thoughts...wondering if this happened to anyone else and it was false positive.
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