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  1. Hello everyone, First, I would like to apologize if my English isn't good or approximate; it's because I write to you from France. I've posted here because I found here some responses that I never had on a French forum. I have, like some of you, the SCL 70 positive but no symptoms. My doctor prescribed me this blood analysis because I have Vitiligo and it can associate to other autoimmune diseases. I don't know what to think... I feel lost, between the immensity of information on the internet and the silence of my doctor... He just says to me that if I haven't any symptoms, there no need to do some other medical investigations, but I live in the fear, with the feeling it will come some day or another. Is it possible to never have this disease even if the ANA are positive? I'm really sorry for you if you have to live with it and I'll be thinking of you. Kind regards, Helene
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