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  1. Hello, I have been diagnosed this year with Morphea. My dermatologist was very concerned that it was Paraneoplastic (meaning related to some type of cancer) since my age is 58 and supposedly it is unusual for someone my age to come up with Morphea unless there is an underlying cause. I have had all sorts of studies and bloodwork for cancer. Everything has come up negative so far (THANK GOODNESS!) I had a lapband placed in February of 2008. The lapband is covered over with lumpy tissue, it pains me with sharp stabbing pains at times, and very near to the port is where the morphea started under my left breast. It has spread from that one spot to all across my belly, under both breasts and is working its way up across the tops of both breasts, on my back and down the backs of both legs and on the tops of both thighs and on my arms. All of this has taken place in one year or less. I wonder if anyone else has the same type of situation. I believe my body is rejecting the lapband port and thereby causing constant irritation to my immune system thereby causing my morphea. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. I am in the process of getting the lapband removed hopefully, if my insurance will agree to pay for it.
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