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  1. family And such 084

    From the album as the sewing machine hums

    baby quilt
  2. family And such 005

    From the album as the sewing machine hums

    after I had sewen this quilt together mariah my husky had to show me that she liked it and she claimed it as hers one of these days I am going to do the quilting on it I just have to get the energy
  3. 023

    From the album as the sewing machine hums

    my mother ordered this quilt she got to pick the pattern it took me a long time to make this quilt it was after the diagnosis of scleroderma when the fatigue was setting in
  4. 001

    From the album as the sewing machine hums

    cross the first quilted wall hanging done totally by hand I wanted to experience how my grandmother would have done a quilt
  5. 077

    From the album as the sewing machine hums

    birds singing
  6. I have low blood pressure especially when I first get up; sometimes it makes me dizzy. I don't think it is my medications as I am not on enough or the type that would cause this except maybe my antidepressant or pain meds but this is new; most of the time my blood pressure has been really good.
  7. New to this disease..

    I am looking for a scleroderma expert in my area but as of yet I am seeing a rheumatologist until I can find one. As I read things on this site it made me question whether he knew what he was talking about. I will look on this form to see if one is close by; it is getting hard for me to drive long distances, which seems funny to me as I was a long distance truck driver before all of this started up. Thank you
  8. Hobbies

    I love making quilts and sewing of any kind when I have the energy to do it; I make a lot of doll clothes to donate to our giving tree at holiday time. I always liked working and improving the house but that has come to a stop with mobility issues. When I take a few pieces of material and make it into something great it makes me feel so good; everybody in the family wants one. I will post pics of some of my projects later.
  9. I use coffee cans for that stuff and the dogs get part of it as it is hard to cook for one person. The little stuff goes in the dishwasher with the dishes; my dishwasher has a garbage disposal in it so I don't have to pre wash the dishes, just scrape off the big chunks. I know the dogs love the scraps but it causes them to gain a lot of weight; my vet put Tony, my poodle, on a no table scraps diet but he cheats once in a while Mariah, my husky, has a touchy tummy so I have to be careful what I give her, so I have a coffee can by the sink with a small plastic bag in it so I can throw stuff out with the trash once a week.