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  1. I don't know where that is but on the internet they are doing a study on male menopause. Basically when a wife goes into menopause and has the hot and cold flashes her husband usually doesn't. I don't know why, I wonder sometimes but I hope you get better. I did that a lot when I first got Scleroderma and things have calmed down I will be thinking of you and bless you.
  2. Do me a favor and see a therapist. It does not mean that you're crazy or anything like that, it just means you need a little help right now. Before I saw my first therapist few years back I had not cried a tear in three years. After I saw my therapist I went to my worship services that next Sunday and my dad was a religious leader and he gave a sermon about weeping. It was just something that hit me, he said quietly at the end of what he had written and he wept and that started my tears. I must have cried for three days at that point to get everything out that I needed to get out, so please see that therapist. Oh and there's one other thing, it's okay to laugh too. Laughing is great therapy sometimes; when I do stupid little things and make stupid little mistakes I want to scream, but then I turn around and laugh at it. Yesterday I felt it was the funniest thing because I tripped over one of my favorite things a box of carbonated soft drinks so all I could do was laugh, thinking I must be getting drunk on the soft drink, although you can't get drunk on it and I knew I had too much at that point because I was laughing and thinking I'd had too much caffeine. I hope that you could find yourself within all of us and I hope that you can learn crying is okay bless you.
  3. It took me a long time to learn to cry when I am afraid or when I am hurt. For many years I did what I thought was right and I held a so called stiff upper lip. After doing this too much I got physically ill and wound up getting told I needed to see a therapist. At first I rejected the idea and my doctor and other professionals, but I finally decided that everyone would get off my back. Today I am grateful for my therapist and the support for in his office. It is OK to cry or just sit there and say nothing and talk about all those things I could never talk about to any one. So next time some one tells you to grow up and stop crying just remember it is OK. Bless each of you and may each and every one of you have a good cry !
  4. Tony has spent many years with me right by my side; he has traveled all over the US and Canada. If he is still alive in June he will be sixteen years old. He has done his job to watch over me and keep me safe as we went from state, now it is my turn to watch over him for he has cancer. I give him his pain meds every day and put the witch hazel on him most every night. Today he got especially spunky; I was playing with my other faithful companion Marian and Tony tried to do his job and protect me, but all in all Mariana loves her best friend. If he has been outside for what seems too long, she will come and get me to open the door just to check on Tony. I would love to hear other stories of what keep you going . I think if it wasn't for my best friends I would lay down and die; they give me a lot of will to live but that is for another post.
  5. I am not sure what the SCL-40 test was all about, I just read it on the bill that the vet gave to me. All and all in the end my poor Tony, a shee-poo (dog), was diagnosed with cancer. He is doing good at this point; he is on pain meds, but has slowed down a lot. One of my big reasons for quitting smoking is I gave my poor Tony lung cancer and if he makes it to June he will be 16 years young, so for people that smoke don't do it near your pets. I will be thinking about each of you and bless you all.
  6. I was wondering what you were talking about when you stated you had a SCL-40 test as that was a test that was given to my poodle lately to try and find out what was wrong with him as dogs also have autoimmune disease. I think the test you are trying to say is the SCL-70 antibodies test. If a doctor told you he was doing a SCL-40 test, I would find a new doctor. Bless you, I will be thinking good thoughts for you.
  7. Ah, yes there are many colors in the quilt. It has 16 blocks and each of them are different. There are green, purple, blue, red, orange, pink and on and on. So I think the baby will enjoy it but thanks for the color suggestions. Oh it is going to be a girl. Her name will be Elizabeth Lynn. I think that is a lovely name. We do not know the gender of the grand baby yet. I hope for a boy but a girl would do just fine. Thank you and bless you. PS When I figure out this new computer I will post a picture of the quilt.
  8. Yes, Shelley. I just finished a baby quilt top. After the first I will get the batting and backing. I think the flannel against baby's skin; what do you think?
  9. I do not know about hand surgery, but I had prosthetic disc with my neck five years later that had to be removed because it never healed right and my neck had to be fused at C5-C6. . I am very happy with the situation as there is a lot less pain than that, though it is a new test for them here in the United States, so good luck with your surgery and I also got pneumonia which is not typical for me.I've never gotten pneumonia with his surgery before that is also how we found out that I have polyps in my lungs. Bless you and I will be thinking of you.
  10. Hot flashes can really be uncomfortable; I have been going through them for about 10 years. Once I think they are gone, here they are again. They have gotten better over the years, but I also had no hormone supplements or meds to help with all the changes. Every time I quit a job or got fired, mom and dad would say go home and lock myself in for a week because I was a emotional wreck, but all that is OK and I made it through. Bless you and I will be thinking about you also.
  11. I was talking to my dad last week and he said he spoke with his doctor; they figured that I had scleroderma since I was a teen-ager as I was never able to do things other kids could do, like sit with my legs crossed. That was when I was young, now I am 60 and just found out I have scleroderma so for some of us it can take longer than others to get a full diagnosis. Relax and do not stress your self out; one of my secrets to keep from stressing is quilting and making doll clothing. Bless you and I will be thinking about you.
  12. That is just the beginning and I am going to be a grandma.This is number five; the first four were adopted. It is a long story, but I am going to do everything in my power to help my son and his girlfriend stay away from DHS.
  13. Shelley, thank you for the link; it was most interesting. I am working on a baby quilt; I am going to be a great aunt in September. It is going slow but I am determined to get it done and sent off by then.
  14. My scleroderma doctor did not say much about it but could be signs of lack of oxygen. I see a lung doctor next month. He also said it could be splinter haemorrhages. He also said I should watch the color, because they can develop small blood clots. I suggest you see your scleroderma doctor. Good luck
  15. I had emailed my doctor about 3-4 days before yesterday and they got me in right away. I have red streaks going up my fingernails that is a symptom of either heart or lungs or something. The last time they did other tests they found little nodes in my lungs, so now I have to see pulmonary doctor then they do the regular cast of everything but this time they want me to see the pulmonary doctor first and then they want to scope my throat. I didn't know this, but my doctor said that part of my falling dizziness and muscle strain could be caused by lack of oxygen. I have a nurse with this new health place, but she is not a very good nurse as she was supposed to send my stats down with me to the doctor. I don't know what she was thinking but she took my med list instead of my stats. I will have to talk to the head of nurses today about that time the doctor was pretty upset when he didn't get what he asked for. What my doctor thinks is that microbes have gone into my throat and my lungs and I don't know what to do about it, although he said there were medications that would help. After I see the lung doctor then they're going to scope my throat and do a bunch more tests on me; it just doesn't sound like a lot.
  16. All of this takes me back to the seventies to a song with the line, "Paranoia the destroyer", which I think of as, "Paranoia will destroy ya." . I prefer not to worry about it, just live my life. I got squared a month, there's not much I can do about it but take my medications and I live life. I prefer not to worry about what caused it, or who caused it. I think that will be a never-ending argument as to what caused it. I was a truck driver, I was in diesel fumes all my life, so maybe that was it. Have a good day. Blessings always.
  17. I have always preferred the cold over the heat. My theory was always that you could always put on more clothes if you are cold, but the more you take off the more people put the heat up. Now I can't stand too much of the heat or the cold anymore; my body has a hard time regulating. I wear a sweater even in the summer as I've always been able to be cold in 90 degree temperatures, but that's just me. When I went through menopause and hot flashes I hated it; if you just get so hot, you can't stand it, now I'm cold all the time. I've made hot packs for myself; I just stick them in the microwave and warm them. I do it every night, so that I'm nice and warm when I want to go to bed and I wish all of you the best. Bless each of you.
  18. The only way I quit smoking was to stop making excuses. I did the "I'm too stressed, I can't do anything because of my illness", etc.,etc.,etc. Find a hobby - mine happens to be quilting and making doll clothes. I made more mistakes that first week, but that was OK. I think the hardest time was the end of August when my mom died, but I made it through. Become determined by the way cigarettes are a stimulant, I now find when I am stressed it is not as bad. When I go to my place of worship I listen and when I go to my doctors I come out feeling good about the visit; before I quit smoking all I thought about was getting the next cigarettes. It was like having a ball and chain attached to me. Yes it is hard if you make it hard; this time I was ready and I made a plan. Good luck to you and I send you my blessings and I promise things will get better.
  19. Just to keep everybody up to date it is now February 15th 2016 and I am enjoying all the extra money as they do not give you much on SSI. With the money I was able to fix my big sewing machine and buy a small one while the big one was in the shop. I just bought this great tablet with a keyboard and my checking account has not gone red; I have money in my savings account so if you are thinking about quitting smoking, learn to enjoy extras. One thing that really helped that I had to quit smoking was talking to a transplant team to find out if I needed a new kidney or lung. I was going to die and I would of had to quit by 3 years, so look at it as a choice to live or die. I give each of you struggling with this my blessing.
  20. I really hope you get to go; my thoughts will be with you.
  21. Welcome to the forums, Tully and Maeve, I am doing good right now; that does not mean tomorrow will be worse or better, it will just be tomorrow as it comes. Right now I am worried about my Tony; he is a 14 year old shee-poo (dog) and I just found out he has testicular cancer. He seems to be holding on and he is going to have a great holiday. Then in January sometime he is going to the vet to stop his suffering. He takes his pain pill everynight about the same time as I take mine. I will truly miss him; he has been with me for fourteen years.
  22. Since I missed your happy thanksgiving note before hand, I will say belated thanksgiving and I will say, have a very Happy Holidays.
  23. I am sorry to hear about your heart although it sounds as if your doctors have it under control I will send you my blessing I am also sending you a soft kitty with some great flowers and balloons to pop just for the fun of it. Good luck, bless you.
  24. You have all given good answers; please keep up the good work. I am making two bags, three festive stockings and four billfolds in the next month. Someone will have to wait for their gift or at least I will get them something else with the promise to get one done. I will just add my favorite places to go holiday shopping is thrift stores and Mapleton, Iowa is the thrift store capital of Iowa. We only have six of them, plus one store where everything is free, so for now I bless each of you with happy thoughts of the upcoming holidays.
  25. I would be happy if Jo were able to use my thought on your banner.
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