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  1. Hi. I never got a notification that you posted on here. I came here to update that I still haven'tt had any symptoms of CREST. It's now been 6yrs since I found out I had a high anticentromere titer of 1:1280. I don't know what you mean by your titer being 4.7? . I'm 52 now. From what I've read online in terms of research, my high titer is only predictive of Scleroderma 82% of the time, meaning 18% of people like me who have the highest antibodies won't go on to get it. Now, I'm a realist, I could end up developing CREST symptoms in the next 10 seconds..but since I've had a positive
  2. Shelley, I just realized I never responded to your warm welcome and your congratulations about our daughter. Thank you so much! If you are still on this board, please know I really appreciate your cheerful greeting and the link you provided. Kindest regards, Ann
  3. Aw, thank you so much, Joelf. Our daughter is the light of our lives. Thank you for asking about her, that means a lot to me. I'll definitely look into your suggestion. And my doctor also said she's going to do regular liver enzyme blood tests now, on me. I had no idea Limited Scleroderma had anything to do with the liver (yikes!), but I do now. I thought it was just the CREST symptoms. I didn't really make clear above that my titer of 1:1280 antibodies do indeed have the centromere pattern. I think, with my age, and having had ANA"s for years now, that when (or if) I do develop s
  4. Hello. Nice to see you all again. I just had another ANA test this past Wednesday, and my centromere antibodies are off the charts. 2 years ago my centromere antibodies were merely greater than 8, whatever that means. That particular result was from the cascading ANA test back in 2014. Well, on Wed I had just a basic ANA screen with pattern, and whereas I was 1:80 speckled 14 years ago, my ANA is now "equaled to or greater than 1:1280", which is the highest titer the lab tests. So, what do I do? What should I take away from this? I know healthy people can have a positive ANA, but per
  5. Hi. I'm new here. I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat I'm in. There has never been autoimmune disease in our family, until my parents had their 3 daughters. Then one by one each of us girls got one autoimmune condition or another. My one sister and I have Hashimotos and our other sister has Graves. My sister who has Hashimotos, also found out last month she has Sjogrens. She was also diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic 35 years ago as having Lupus, but she has never had a flare in all these years! She was SO scared when she was diagnosed. She was 21 and had just gotten marrie
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