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  1. Shelley, I just realized I never responded to your warm welcome and your congratulations about our daughter. Thank you so much! If you are still on this board, please know I really appreciate your cheerful greeting and the link you provided. Kindest regards, Ann
  2. Aw, thank you so much, Joelf. Our daughter is the light of our lives. Thank you for asking about her, that means a lot to me. I'll definitely look into your suggestion. And my doctor also said she's going to do regular liver enzyme blood tests now, on me. I had no idea Limited Scleroderma had anything to do with the liver (yikes!), but I do now. I thought it was just the CREST symptoms. I didn't really make clear above that my titer of 1:1280 antibodies do indeed have the centromere pattern. I think, with my age, and having had ANA"s for years now, that when (or if) I do develop symptoms that they won't be overwhelmingly severe, since it's taking so long to develop in the first place. I could be wrong, but I choose to look at it that way, until proven otherwise.
  3. Hello. Nice to see you all again. I just had another ANA test this past Wednesday, and my centromere antibodies are off the charts. 2 years ago my centromere antibodies were merely greater than 8, whatever that means. That particular result was from the cascading ANA test back in 2014. Well, on Wed I had just a basic ANA screen with pattern, and whereas I was 1:80 speckled 14 years ago, my ANA is now "equaled to or greater than 1:1280", which is the highest titer the lab tests. So, what do I do? What should I take away from this? I know healthy people can have a positive ANA, but per my doctor, generally their ANA titers are low. Mine have increased exponentially. My doctor offered to refer me to a rheumatologist, but like I said on my previous post above, I still have no symptoms. I do think though I am heading in the direction of developing limited Scleroderma. This isn't fear or anxiety talking; it's common sense. My sisters and I have rampant autoimmune conditions, and now each of my sisters' children have autoimmune conditions too.
  4. Hi. I'm new here. I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat I'm in. There has never been autoimmune disease in our family, until my parents had their 3 daughters. Then one by one each of us girls got one autoimmune condition or another. My one sister and I have Hashimotos and our other sister has Graves. My sister who has Hashimotos, also found out last month she has Sjogrens. She was also diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic 35 years ago as having Lupus, but she has never had a flare in all these years! She was SO scared when she was diagnosed. She was 21 and had just gotten married to my brother in law. I can still remember sitting in church next to her, as she silently cried while my brother in law had his arm around her. They had asked the church to be thinking of her. She ended up never having any flares or anything. Oddly enough, I was diagnosed with ANA 1:80 Speckled and a low positive Anti DSNA antibodies 12 years ago, but I never developed Lupus symptoms. I found out last week those Anti DSDNA antibodies are now completely negative, I don't have Lupus, but do have a high Anti-Centromere antibody level. but again, I have zero symptoms. The only reason I even know I have these antibodies was because I had a routine physical last week, and I said to my doctor you know the rheumatologist said to me 12 years ago if I was ever going to develop Lupus I would within 5 years, but I never did. Could we just run a simple ANA and find out where I'm at? She said better yet let's run this new ANA Cascading Reflex test that tests for all sorts of antibodies. I said okay, that sounds like fun. lol But then 6 days later, the nurse from the doctor's office called and said over the phone that I had (yes she said I specifically had it, not that I had the antibodies for it) CREST syndrome. I said what in the world is that? She said it's when you have Raynaud's. I said said I don't know what that is, so she explained it. She then said but the doctor said since you don't have any symptoms she will not refer you to a Rheumatologist. I said that's fine. I'm not that worried about Scleroderma for some reason. I guess because I have a high titer and nothing has happened so far. I'm not going to worry about something that may never happen. It's just weird, to me, to find out I have all these ghoulish antibodies floating around inside. The only reason I had an ANA ran 12 years ago was because I had recurrent miscarriages, over and over and over, 7 of them. Once I had the positive ANA and at the same time found out I had Hashimotos, I went on Synthroid and then to a reproductive immunologist who gave me prednisode and Aspirin and bam, I had a beautiful baby girl. :) It's nice to meet all of you here. Look forward to hearing from you. Ann
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