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  1. Dear CrankyGoat, I have had Limited Scleroderma with all of the CREST symptoms for at least 20 years. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I travel quite often. Never have I had issues with flights, but my husband makes sure I don't push myself too hard. Limited Scleroderma does not present as many problems a Diffuse Scleroderma, so getting an accurate diagnosis will be helpful. Fatigue is one of my major issues. I have some very good days, and some very bad days. As a golfer, I go out once a week but know that the next day I will be spent. (BTW, I just watched the video posted on this forum regarding fatigue. Make sure to see it!) The other major issue I have is with my digestion. The muscles in my intestines no longer work, so I am dependent on daily doses of Milk of Magnesia to prevent constipation. If your wife experiences any digestive problems, make sure her physician is informed. I have been getting travel insurance for the past few years because I am getting older. (I'm in my late 50s) Prior to turning 50, I was not as concerned about travel insurance because it was unlikely I would have a medical emergency due to scleroderma.
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