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  1. Hi folks! I've had morphea since I was born 28 years ago, and I'm just finally ready to dig in to what that really means. I was born with 1 morphea patch, and over the years continued to get more and more on my stomach, hips, back, and sides. No doctors ever said they knew what it was, or cared to look in to it. Finally at 24 I went to a dermatologist to see what the deal was; she suspected morphea, did a biopsy, and called me to confirm her suspicions. (Never did a blood test - thoughts on whether that matters?) All she said was to put a topical cream on them if I got new ones, and that it wouldn't lead to general scleroderma - and that was that. I don't recall ever having any discomfort with the patches, just always got new ones every few months or years (have 20+ now). Recently though I've been under a LOT of stress/anxiety with a few things, and I really feel like I'm having pain in the areas by my patches. I may be a *slight* hypochondriac about things these days ;) and feel like I want to start sorting out - what are the implications of having morphea? Could there be other auto immune things going on with me? I've had chronic stomach issues all my life - could that be related? I just want to know things! I've made an appointment to go back to the dermatologist for the first time in over 4 years to make them answer my questions too ... but would love to hear from some folks who have been down this road! Thanks! Bonnie
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