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  1. This is my first post to this forum. I have had Morphea with related Scleroderma on my fingertips and the side of my fingers for a couple of years. I've been treated by a dermatologist with Clobetasol for both the Morphea and the Scleroderma on my fingers. The Morphea seems to be in remission but my scleroderma is not. My physician tried Methotrexate and it only worked when he increased it to the maximum dose. My fingers were completely well but I had to be taken off of it because my liver enzymes were not good. Now he wants to put me on Cellcept but the side effects are very scary. I am wondering if I should put up with some cracking, bleeding fingers over ruining my liver/kidneys. Also, I see from many posts on this forum that most are seeing rheumatologists. Should I be seeing one instead of a dermatologist?
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