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  1. I am looking for a 2nd opinion on my positive scl 70 test.I saw one rheumatologist who says I don't have it. All he did was observe my skin and joints. I do have digestive problems. I tried getting in to the Mayo Clinic in my area but they don't have openings till March. Does anyone know of a good sclero expert in Arizona? Thanks
  2. Thank you Kathy. I'm just not sure I'm out of the woods from him just looking at my skin and joints. I have a positive scl 70
  3. Thank you guys for your input on this. I notice the red burning skin more when I am stressed, which I've been a lot lately. I am pretty fair skinned, so get red easily. I guess I am just noticing every little thing. It's crazy how your mind works sometimes.
  4. Thanks for your replies and support. I feel 50% better with the news but will definitely be getting that 2nd opinion!
  5. Hello everyone, So I saw the rheumatologist today about my positive sclero Ana. From what the doctor says, I don't have scleroderma and he is pretty positive of it. He said my positive Ana does not mean I actually have scleroderma. He said I might have a 5% chance of ever developing it. While this is a major relief, I am just worried he didn't perform all the tests necessary to diagnose. All he did was bend my joints and see my flexibility and also take a look at my skin and hear my breath through a stethescope. He did not do the nailfold or other tests I've heard of. I will definitel
  6. Hi everyone, I had blood work done in June and showed I had positive Ana but when I asked my doctor he said it could be a false positive and didn't really look into it. It didn't have a titer or say which disease it was positive for. Well last week I had more blood work done and showed positive scleroderma antibodies.I have been noticing the skin on my forearms to burn and get all splotchy. It kind of feels like an friction burn or a sunburn. Is this a sign of skin tightening?
  7. Thank you all so much for your replies and support. I have been feeling better the last couple days. I have an appointment in a couple days and will hopefully have some answers. I don't think I mentioned that I tested positive for antibodies about 6 months ago but they never looked into it until I requested a full panel recently. Its just weird that I would possibly have the Ana for several months but only have GI problems. I know all is possible with sclero. Is it also true that the scl-70 antibodies are is only associated with diffuse? Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to my conce
  8. Thank you Judyt and Amanda. I have read about sine and as it being a possibility, it does scare me. I'm worried that if it is sine I may have other problems going on inside that I don't know about and could be bad. I also feel that ever since my blood work I have been thinking my forehead is tightening. If it's all in my head cause I'm scared of it or if it's reality. My jaw has also been popping for about a year now which is a sign as well. If I have this disease, do you know if it's possible that it can only affect my GI tract and not spread? Thanks for your support!
  9. I am 25 year old female. I have been having digestive issues for about a year which led me to a couple different doctors. I had a barium swallow performed and it showed signs of GERD. I went to a family doctor that performed a full blood panel, it came back with positive ANA for scleroderma. I have no other symptoms besides the digestive issues. I have no skin tightening or fingers turning blue. I'm worried. I have a 4 year old son and husband that I could never imagine leaving. I haven't been able to eat or sleep since the news. My question is, is it possible to test positive but the disease
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