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  1. Hi Shelley Thank you for sharing with me. I think your idea about the medical coverage is a good one, thanks. I've now done some exploration into this. I've also checked out car options and think this is the best idea to not have to rely on public transport. I did consider other places in the USA like Florida as they'd be warmer, but (it sounds a little bit silly to me even now) I really wanted to go somewhere that has tonnes of interesting things to do all the time and I thought Washington DC and its surrounds in Virginia/Maryland would meet that criteria. I also have an uncle there s
  2. I never considered the grey miocean ! I never see grey....our car license plates say 'Queensland - The Sunshine State'. But we are living in a drought so you win some and lose some. I'm glad to hear you went to the beach when it was cold. I work near a bay and go after work for a walk and it is so beautiful so I'm glad that water can be beautiful in the winter. Can you bundle up enough to be outside your car at the beach? I hope so. Greypilgrim256, I'm so glad you are saying the winter is beautiful. Thanks for the reassurance that there aren't many power outages. Amanda, thanks for let
  3. Hi Joelf, miocean and quiltfairy Thanks so much for your replies! It is so wonderful to receive support in this forum! Joelf, thanks for the link to the Raynaud warming tips - I thought I was ok with my strategies but it says NOT to rub your hands together and this is the first thing I do if I need to warm my hands up. Not anymore!! Miocean, this is great information you have shared. The layering sounds like a good idea. I am a little concerned about having to buy a new wardrobe so that I can fit all the layers underneath! In Brisbane, I have heating in my home and can heat at work
  4. Hi I currently live in Brisbane, Australia and wish to live in Virginia/Maryland for 3 months mid September to December in 2015 (or longer if I like it). I experience chill blains even in our very mild temperatures and have to rug up in gloves and coats for our very mild winters to avoid Raynaud's attacks. I have dreamed for a long time of coming over to the USA but am unsure of how I will handle the cold. My rheumatologist told me it is a bad idea and I'll be cold (!) and my dermatologist told me to go live and they could give me medication to help with my circulation. Obviously, ther
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