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  1. Hi, Things seem to be progressing smoothly this time round, although I keep obsessing about every little twinge and sensation and sort of dreading what I will see every time the dressing comes off for a change. But so far so good! I am now off painkillers for the first time in three months :) Coming off some of the stronger ones was quite an experience, I spent a full day in tears and another couple cranky as anything. I go back to work on Monday, after working from home today and tomorrow, my boss has been a real star in all this. Really looking forward to re engaging with life as I have bee
  2. Hi, Helen, I wish my general practitioner had acted when I went to complain about a blue finger. At that stage I had no pain ánd probably an iloprost infusion would have saved my finger. I will not be making the mistake of accepting a flippant dismissal from any doctor in the future! Things took a turn for the worse last Thursday. I went for a wound inspection and a change of dressing, but as soon as the nurse removed the dressing it was clear she did not like what she saw. There was pus under the skin and necrotic tissue around the stitches. I was immediately admitted for IV antibiotic and
  3. Hi Amanda, Yes, my main concern now is that it actually heals and I can move on. I go this Thursday for a change of dressings and a wound inspection and I am feeling rather nervous about it, not least because it will be the first time I see exactly what is left. For the time being, I am staying put at home and keeping nice and warm in this really cold weather we are having. I was only going to take one week off work, but I have now decided to wait until the stitches are out, Thursday week from now. I do have some photos of the finger right before the amputation and I am perfectly happy to up
  4. So I had the amputation yesterday. Everything went well and I was very impressed by the professionality and compassion of the whole team. I was given the option of general or local anaesthetic and went for local, given that my body has already been subjected to a huge amount of different drugs in the past few weeks. I could feel the pulling and scraping but had no discomfort at all, and I was glad not to have to deal with the aftermath of a general on top of everything else. Came back home in the evening with my finger still numb and managed a full night sleep! The pain has hit this morning, a
  5. Hi, Thanks so much for your kind replies. I will let you know how it goes on Thursday. Pinetree
  6. Hi, I am new here. Have been diagnosed with scleroderma for six years and lately my rheumatologist said there is a lupus overlap. I have fairly severe Raynaud's in my hands and feet, and sometimes even in my tongue! About two months ago my right index finger turned blue and failed to get back to normal. After a week or ten days of this I went to my general practitioner who said it was normal in my condition and as there was no infection he could not do anything about it. A few days later a black dot appeared in the tip of my finger and it became increasingly painful. The skin then broke and I
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