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  1. Thank you for your reply! I am so glad you added the last part because that is exactly what I thought it was- high stress and being newly married - I only stumbled on this disease when trying to find answers about my strange healing process that just started recently...courage is exactly it as well, I've shared my symptoms with my parents but they always insist that it's nothing so I feel like I'm being dramatic. I'll be looking into a referral tomorrow morning only because my chest pain and shallow breathing has become considerably worse today, I'd hate to do something stupid because I was afraid of looking stupid I suppose. Thank you again, I really appreciate it!!
  2. I apologize in advance if this is not the correct place to ask these questions, if that is the case and you know another site where I should post this, please let me know. Scleroderma as a whole is very new thing to me but after reading through several websites and looking at pictures I am wondering if this may be something I have been dealing with. I am a 26 year old female and was diagnosed with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis and general anxiety when I was 18. I have attributed some of these symptoms to the fact that UC is also an autoimmune disorder and others I just assumed were “oddities” about my body that had no significance regarding my overall health. I had a really bad fall about 3 weeks ago and a cut on my finger about 2 weeks ago that are healing much slower and quite frankly they are healing strange to me-this is what started my search for answers. To keep this brief I have added pictures to my profile and will sum up my symptoms for you- After my 2 injuries, in additional to slow healing I am experiencing a hard/tough feeling under my thumb injury and on the sides of both on my leg. It looks like my cut ‘dips’ into my skin on my leg and my knee has a large lump that is hard but not painful Symptoms I assumed were a part of my autoimmune disease/anxiety lowering immune system: -slow/abnormal healing -daily fatigue -body aches and weakness (especially in the a.m., I am especially weak in my hands. I need my husband to open any ‘jar’ that is what I consider too tight) -I have always thought my heart would beat strangely (and have very small pains in that region of my chest, currently experiencing this) but those close to me have always said this is probably in my head from anxiety -pain/tightness in my stomach area (not lower intestinal) that I attributed to stress Symptoms I assumed were “oddities” that had zero significance to me: -very low tolerance to cold/chilly weather -cold hands and feet that are difficult to warm up (currently sitting at home with both freezing hands and feet. Temperature in the room is 70 and I have a heating pad wrapped around my feet) and turn a bluish color particularly in my toes -‘splotchy coloring across most of my body’ (especially in hands and legs) -small cuts on sides of fingers? -a strange red curved line between my eyebrows -shallow breathing that keeps me (most of the time) from being unable to rely on breathing through my nose, needing large deep breaths periodically to not act up my anxiety, which always makes it worse (I’ve noticed this has become frequent as of late, today being especially worse) -trouble swallowing, especially during periods of increased anxiety. Recently, while experiencing an anxiety attack I began to have that sensation and insisted I needed to stop at the very next gas station for something to drink -bouts of thirst that cannot be quenched (I was eventually tested for diabetes, which was negative) -slightly swollen hands at times and when I experience this it is difficult for me to keep my hands in a fist because they are too weak feeling -bouts of tenderness on my finger tips especially with cold/weak hands I am also not sure if this is Raynauds. I don’t want to rush into calling a doctor and rev up my anxiety but from what I’ve read, some of these symptoms can be very serious. Any information would be a great help, thank you!!
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    Not sure if this is raynaud's, scleroderma or something else?
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