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  1. I went for an ECHO back in July, the finds (one of them) were Mildly elevated esitmated pulmonary pressures. Now does this mean I have to go for a right heart cath? That is the one test I dread. I have not been around for a while, I am depressed about tests coming back with problems. I suffer from depression. Have had it for many years. Just not in the mood to chat at times. Had to put my CT scan off till Oct and my Lung specialist off till early Dec.
  2. Finger Ulcers

    Thanks Shelley, that made me feel better.
  3. Finger Ulcers

    My finger ulcer has finally completely healed. It started in April. Now I have a new one on the same finger, not in the same spot, smaller but still painful. That ulcer was the worst one I ever had. The relationship with digital ulcers and PAH has been documented, I think I may have PAH. I had a ECHO and the heart doctor said there was some thickening on the vessels in the right side of the lung and heart. I hope I don't have to go for a right heart cath. I dread the use of a bed pan.
  4. Thanks for the words of wisdom Shelley. In Canada, well where I am located he have a number we can call, 811, they are registered nurses that can take all your symtoms and advise you what to do. They don't diagnose. Tell you if you need to see a doctor or go to the ER. They were very helpful when I was really sick with that intestinal virus.
  5. Jo, I feel great today. I remember back in 1992 my scleroderma specialist told me that people with autoimmune diseases get feeling of unwell, like aches all over and feeling like you are getting the flu. It sometimes lasts a few hours, or a day. But never more than a day. Sometimes I can't tell if I am getting sick or its just scleroderma acting up.
  6. I wonder here how many people some days feel like they are getting the flu with SD? My story, some days, I get really aching all over and feel like I am getting the flu. Then the next day it goes away. A SD doctor told me this is common, and she explained it was not just people with SD, but all diseases in this category. Anyone else experience this? I have it today, but hoping it goes away tomorrow, or else it could be the flu.
  7. Lung CT Scan

    All better from the virus I picked up. My CT Scan is set up for Friday September 18th and my lung specialist is set up for Monday September 21st. They are making me take another pulmonary function test (PFT) and X-ray of chest and then I see the doctor the same day. I had my ECHO done and the heart doctor called back to say that all was fine, except there was some thickening of the arteries to the lung, but he didn't seem too worried about it.
  8. Lung CT Scan

    Shelley, sorry for the delay in posting, been very sick with a intestinal virus. My CT scan is set up for early September.
  9. Thank you Shelley and quiltfairy yes I do worry a lot, been that way my entire life.
  10. Hi Jo, After some calls today I now have a Rheumatologist that specializes in SD. Have to wait for an appointment. Called my family doctor, they still have not sent the request in for the CT scan, they said there was never a request. I clearly remember talking about this with my doctor as I was concerned about the dye they use. My family doctors office is really bad for making mistakes.
  11. I am getting really worried that I may have PAH. According to my PFT, the one 2.5 years ago was: FVC 59% DLCO 60% My PFT in June of this year was: FVC 45% DLCO 44% Both summaries stated reduced DLCO could include pulmonary vascular disorder. Do any members here have any opinions from your experiance? I am still waiting for a CT scan and a SD, Lung specialist.
  12. Believe I have Scleroderma....

    Pinchy, what province are you in?
  13. Lung CT Scan

    Thanks miocean.
  14. Lung CT Scan

    Thanks Jo thats a relief.
  15. Lung CT Scan

    I am still waiting to get my CT scan of my lungs. Can anyone tell me if they use dye in an IV drip for the test? When I was in the hospital years ago I had to go for a test where they injected some sort of chemical for the scan, and I started to vomit as soon as I was injected with it. Got me worried about the CT scan I am going to have. Can you please share your experiences? Thanks