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  1. Dear Shelley, What a nice reply, thanks so much! You have been more helpful than any doctor I've seen so far.. I will look at the link and find an expert. You are right, doctors don't know it too well maybe they don't see many cases that's why. But I saw 3 rheumatologists and they all focused on joint pain for example, since I don't have joint pain they think I have nothing wrong with me. They focus more on RA or lupus I think. I will check the experts in the Netherlands now. Many many thanks!
  2. Hi all, Two years ago I had my first Raynaud's attack, I must say it's been pretty mild so far. Soon after that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, and lately I have been having numb hands and feet at nights with severe night sweats so I went to see the doctor. My rheumatologist did several tests and the results for kidneys liver etc is fine, also no inflammation. However my previously negative ANA became positive. After this I had a nailfold capillaroscopy which was good, not abnormal result. Since I have been having a lot of symptoms I was wondering if anybody with primary Raynauds has a positive ANA, can this be possible? Or can Hashimoto's cause this? How reliable is capillaroscopy, have you guys had it? Doctor said I have to visit him every 6 months to see if sclero symptoms appear. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you all! It's good that I get support here. Today I finally managed to get a referral to a rheumatologist, finally! You are all very right, so is my boyfriend, my family. Everybody's telling me not to worry until I get a diagnosis. I just developed a terrible anxiety in the past year due to increasing symptoms. I will share my results here. Many thanks and stay strong.
  4. Joelf, quiltfairy, thanks for your support!! Yes you are right, I should see a therapist because this anxiety is killing me! It's been a year with so many strange symptoms and doctors are not helpful, my family, my friends are fed up and I'm having more and more complaints everyday. The bad thing about living in the Netherlands is it's so hard to see a doctor, I went to my general practitioner several times and they don't do any tests. They don't transfer me to a hospital for a rheumatologist. That's why I traveled a few times to see doctors, but no luck in terms of diagnosis. It's been a hard year, although the idea of having scleroderma scares me, I will be relieved when I have a diagnosis.
  5. Hi all, I'm a 29 year old woman with diagnosed hypothyroidsm (Hashimoto's) I have a few symptoms, although I have seen many doctors they tend to ignore me. My symptoms are: -For 1 year already I have been having night sweats, got a bit better with thyroid medication -Raynaud's (diagnosed) and chilblains in cold -Numb hands and feet at night, or when I cross my legs etc -ANA came always negative but the last one was 'weak positive' with all sub tests (ana panel) negative -ESR and CRP very low I have no fatigue, joint pain, swelling or stiffness. Doctors I've seen told me not to worry about weak positive ANA but I am worried. I was wondering if those could be symptoms of Sclero? How were your test results? Anybody experiencing similar symptoms? Also what is exactly skin thickening, how does the skin look like when it's thickened. I mean the color of it, also I heard something like fingerprints wouldn't be seen anymore etc, can you please give more details? Thanks!!
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