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  1. Hi I've just joined here. My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with plaque morphea back in 2012, it started in 2008 with a pinkish patch on her back whilst we were on holiday then turned silvery/hard etc and all doctors kept telling me it was sunburn so I persisted in going back again and again and finally sent to a dermatologist who diagnosed plaque morphea and she was given steroid creams which didn't do much apart from relieve itching. It has now nearly completely turned brown and is approx. 9cm long and 4/5cm high, this doesn't bother her too much as its on her back and easily covered in clothes. Back in Sept/Oct 2014 she noticed a small patch appearing just above her knee and we both knew for sure that it was another patch coming up so again went to doctors who said is was exzema but we were convinced so I emailed the consultant we saw last time and he said it looked like morphea. We went for a hospital appointment yesterday and saw a very good doctor who is doing a lot of research into morphea at the moment and he has given her a stronger steroid cream to hopefully stop this patch getting worse and we have an appointment in another 4 months time to see him again. He also mentioned at the time about maybe going onto methotrexate if this doesn't work and I know there are side affects with this drug and I was wondering if anyone can give me their experiences with this so that we can do a bit of a think before we go back. She also seems to have other symptoms with morphea like aching joints (hips/knees), fatigue, stomach pains but these aren't anywhere near her patches so they're not looking into those at the moment.
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