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  1. Hi all, thanks again for your comments. I spoke to my general practitioner a few days ago and she didn't have all the blood results but the ones she did have were normaI. I will speak to her again shortly to confirm the remaining results, but she said she would call me if anything interesting showed up, so I'm guessing that hasn't happened. One thing that has happened is a new Raynaud's attack. After my rheumatologist appointment last week I was almost convinced I didn't have Raynauds - most of the 'events' I reported were in a finger which had previously suffered trauma. I suppose I h
  2. Hi all, thanks to everyone who has looked in since I was last here - it' appreciated! I saw the rheumatologist today and it's a case of so far, so good. We don't have the blood results yet but the physical exam went well. He did a few things, including a close inspection of my nailfolds. All normal was the conclusion. One interesting thing was that we talked through my Raynaud's episodes in detail and the doctor is of the opinion that I may not actually have Raynaud's. The one exception is my right index finger - I described to him how it turns pure white, and that there is a very c
  3. Hi everyone, many thanks for all your replies, it really is appreciated. I hear what you say about not self-diagnosing, but it looks to me like there's other things happening to me, not just Raynauds. When I exercise or drink alcohol my hands and feet flush red and I get a burning sensation, particularly the feet. It's not too painful at the moment, but I believe this is erythromelalgia. Three days until I see the rheumatologist, and I'm getting a bit stressed if I'm honest. I hate to think what genes I've passed on to my kids, and they're still so young. I need to stick around for a whi
  4. Hi all, really glad to have found this place as you all seem very knowledgeable and helpful My situation is that I've recently had numerous Raynaud's episodes affecting multiple fingers. Prior to that I had less frequent episodes involving just one finger (always the same one). In the last few weeks my hands often look flushed/red and there is a marked blanching effect when I touch them - they turn white when touched and it takes a few seconds for them to return to normal. My hands are still changing, and right now they look mottled reddish with paler areas. My toes are a bit red too.
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