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    Tendon Rubs Or What?!

    okay so now this thing has me in tears. am doubting pred burt is proper treatment. any links on tendon rub treatments? thanks b
  2. barefut

    One More Thing

    probably not a sclero thing, probably more of a woman thing - specifically a perimenopausal woman thing? - or a frazzled, single mom thing......? but anyway, i have been operating with a short fuse lately - low on patience and feeling frazzled, and like my nerves are fried. i sometimes feel like my head is actually buzzing and noise really gets to me - especially first thing in the morning and my kids wake up on full throttle. what is wrong with me? sometimes I feel like I can't relax. i can't find peace. i can't just let it be. i have entertained the thought of going back on an anti-depressants but after looking back at photos of my youngest son at a time when I was taking it, i could not conjure up any memories from those times. like I lived a chunk of my life with amnesia. it made me so sad. it was like I was looking at someone else's life. i have battled depression on and off most of my life beginning at about age 12. i have been on and off an anti-depressant 3x since 1988. i never took it for more than a year at a time. i quit taking it the last time about 3 1/2 years ago and am hesitant to go back on. i dont believe this is depression - more like anxiety I guess. So I was wondering, short of an anti-depressants or something of the like, what else is out there? yes I will be asking rheumatologist at next appt in aug. anyone else feel the same? any suggestions? i know one thing I will be doing and thats getting the treadmill out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot, barefut
  3. barefut

    One More Thing

    thanks all, i'm with you sweet, i don't want to go on another med esp prozac but I'm at wits end somedays. being in pain with this tendon rub does not help my patience level any..... my rheumatologist is willing to rx me anti anxiety meds but I agree I may not want to wait til aug. schools out friday.......... :blink: :o thankx again all, b
  4. barefut

    Tendon Rubs Or What?!

    went to urgent care this morning and doctor confirmed tendon rubs. on pred boost of 20mg for 5 days. hope it works because........OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. barefut

    My 1st Visit At The Scleroderma Clinic

    Wow....where are you? Wish we had a scleroderma clinic here. Maybe I could travel..... Glad you have such good doctors and are now on your way to proper treatment and feeling better soon. Barefut
  6. barefut


    For me Prednisone is the drug I hate to love (rather than the drug I love to hate) I am only on 5mg daily and it has helped me a lot. I am afraid to go higher and afraid I will soon find that 5mg isn't doing it fot me anymore as I have already found on some days.....So then what? By the way....What is the difference between prednisone and prednisolone? B
  7. barefut

    I'm A Basket Case Right Now...

    Sam, I feel for you. You are going through one of the most frustrating, maddening things one can have to endure. To be at the mercy of others who are not in your shoes and they hold the power to either make your life easier or miserable. All I can say is hang in there and try to find time in your days to decompress. Soak in a hot tub, yoga, big fat margurita? (my favorite) ...Whatever will help you to relax, even if it is only for a little while. Venting is important too, so let 'er rip! We're here. Barefut
  8. barefut

    Leg Pain

    Susie, I was having pain in my legs too and was worried about blood clots because my pain was behind my knees but occasionally went down into my calf. my calves were also very tight all the time. I had lower extremity blood pressure tests done before and after a 5 minute treadmill walk and all was normal. Doc said to lay off the salt. So I have. Haven't had any pain like that in a long time but my calves are starting to tighten up again. I worry about your bruising. Keep us posted about what your doctors say. Barefut
  9. barefut

    I Went For A Walk!

    Yay Patty! That really IS an accomplishment! I was just at the mall the other day with my 5 year old son and there were a couple times I really didn't think I would make it back to the car. Had to cut my shopping trip short. My hips were killing me. And killed me all the way driving home even though I was sitting. 2 Alieve and 4 ibuprofen did no good. I was so tempted to pop a couple more preds or ask my friend recovering from cancer surgery for some of his pain meds! I remember walking Seattle's 3 mile Lupus walk and I was pretty proud of myself then too. Of course my sons and I finished last and my hips were killling me then too but hey, we finished! So anyway, way to go girl! Hope you can do it again sometime soon. Barefut
  10. barefut


    Rachelle, Welcome. Sounds pretty painful! I had just what you describe, only on my right middle finger tip. It took months to heal. That was 3+ years ago (before sclero diagnosis) and I haven't had one since. I eventually got a metal finger brace and wrapped it up big to cushion the blows when I bumped it - and I bumped it a lot! Sounds like yours is in a hard place to protect though. Do you also have Raynaud's? I hope you find out soon what's going on and get some relief! Take Care Keep in touch, Barefut
  11. barefut

    Barium Swallow

    Glad to hear it went well Patti. I had one last month and all was well for me too. Take Care, Barefut
  12. barefut

    A Little Sadness In My Life

    Whirlaway, So sorry to hear about your friend. May your precious memories of her fill the empty space in your heart. Be Well, Love, Barefut
  13. barefut

    My Disability Parking Placard

    Jen, I agree with Bookworm. If it were me, I would write a letter to the opinion forum/editor of your local paper and set the record straight. It would make me feel better and educate a lot of people. Maybe it would make you feel better. I also agree with Janey. Sounds like you need a break from sclero stuff and the other stuff that has you in the rough patch right now. Escaping to the serenity of nature does it for me too. Doesn't solve any problems but is a nice break, a breath of fresh air so I can go back and tackle what I need to. Big hugs to you! You have been so supportive to me! I am here to return the favor whenever you need a shoulder! Take Care, Love, Barefut
  14. barefut

    Pure Agony

    Yay Barbs! I don't know why but I am crying. I think because your telling of it puts me there and I am thinking of all you are going through right now. Good job woman! That's pretty brave going that route. Glad it was over quick and that you have a nifty new button. Take it easy, Barefut
  15. barefut


    I suspect stress and pregnancy.
  16. barefut

    New Pains

    I've been having sharp pains in my upper and lower abdomen - like needles poking me inside. Anybody else? What could this be? I'll be calling gastro doctor but wanted to run it by y'all too. Thanks, Barefut
  17. barefut


    Hi Lynda, I have taken Cellcept for about a year and a half now and at my last pulm. doc. visit he said my lungs have remained stable over the past year (at 70% diffusion). I take 5mg Prednisone daily but would not want to go any higher. The pred helps me a lot in getting through my days. Did your doctor mention any other medications to you? I wonder why he has not started you on Cellcept or Cytoxin but went straight to the Pred? I'm not a doctor of course but I have never heard of Prednisone being used to slow progression usually immunosuppressants are used to slow progression. Prednisone would be used to reduce inflammation....and it helps a lot with my range of motion and mobility. Good luck to you and I'm sure you will be feeling better soon! Take Care and keep us posted, Barefut
  18. barefut

    The Brick Wall

    Was feeling extra tired yesterday. Thought a good night's sleep would fix it. WRONG! Woke up feeling like I was hit by a bus. To make matters worse, my son's 5th birthday party is scheduled for here at my messy, cluttered, dusty house tomorrow at 1pm. I have not done a thing. I promised him a dirt bike cake. He may have to settle for a store bought one. I'm moving the party to a park but at the very least I have to prepare a fruit and a veggie tray and buy or bake a cake. Why does my body have to wait until something so important to do this to me? My whole week has followed Murphey's Law. I feel like a Murphey's Law Enforcer. Whatever can possibly go wrong - will. And it has. Of course I keep trying to ignore all those little annoyances this week like spilling my coffee at the restaurant right after my son spilled his water, not having the right screws for my project and stripping all the heads, tripping on the cord of the new drill I had to buy on credit because hubby took mine, having to rip open the box of my new hammock (I had to buy on credit because the dog chewed up my old favorite), because the thing would not slide out of the box, then dropping the wooden end of it on my ingrown toenail, only to find that it was a cheap piece of junk and I have to return it to the store 40 miles away in my gas guzzling kidmobile, without a box.......I could go on and on and on but I'll spare you. After awhile it becomes hard to ignore all those 'little' things. I was beginning to think I was on Candid Camera or that my life had become a cruel cartoon. And now my body hits the proverbial brick wall. I should have seen it coming.
  19. barefut

    Traumatic 24

    Oh Barbs, I will be thinking of you and your parents and sending get well wishes their way. Your "Traumatic 24" puts my "Murphey's Law Week" to shame! Do take care of yourself. If you have to go fall apart in private, go do it. Don't try to be everyone's rock. May your proceedure go off without a hitch and everything get back to normal for you all! Love, Barefut
  20. Very well spoken young woman! Good to have her as a spokesperson.
  21. barefut

    The Brick Wall

    Well, the party went very well. We had to use a picnic table by the basketball courts because the shelters were reserved so we had no shade and it was a VERY uncharacteristicly HOT day. BUT we had an intermitent breeze without which I would have suffered heat stroke, so I survived. I brought all manner of sports toys and just let them play while us grown ups sat and talked at the table. I put up my golf umbrella and held it over the table for awhile to help shade us and the food but I kept poking people in the head with it whenever the kids came up to me for something. So I gave it up before I put someone's eye out. My sister came in from out of town to help and she was a blessing as always! The kids had fun and so did the grown ups. I'll be having his party at the park for years to come! Party On! Barefut
  22. barefut


    I too have had trouble sleeping due to all my aches and pains - can't sleep on sides because of hips, can't sleep on stomach because of back....now just sleep in recliner because of reflux. Tired Ami years and years ago but could not function at all - TOO sleepy. I started taking warm baths and stretching before I went to sleep - helped a little - also take a Tylenol PM or two now and then. I wait until I'm SO tired I fall asleep easily but my problem is waking up at 2 - 3 am and not getting back to sleep! I can sympathize.... Hope you find something to help soon. I never considered apnea as a possible cause withme. Hmmm. Good Luck, Barefut
  23. barefut

    Raynauds & Finger Sores

    Have you tried any topical pain relievers with Lidocaine. Works pretty good for my tender toes. It's hard to find. I can PM you the brand I found if you want. Take Care, Barefut
  24. barefut

    The Brick Wall

    Update: After I called everyone to change the location of the party, I looked at my messy house, loaded the kids into the car and ran away from home - to the beach! :D I was looking forward to a cat nap when my son's friend and his mom came strolling by. At first I was disappointed because I wasn't in the mood for company and I didn't want her to feel obligated to sit with me. I'm pretty sure she was feeling the same way. She said she was hot and tired from working in her garden and planned on taking a nap too. I told her to feel free to do what ever she wanted to do. She ended up sitting with me and we had a nice conversation and the kids enjoyed playing with each other. I came home feeling better and with enough energy to do the dishes and finish the fruit and veggie trays. I'll bake the cake in the morning (I hope!) Patty and Margaret, thanks for your encouragement and kind words. Kathygirl I love the jello jiggler idea! If I had time to make some I would! I'll still do it another time. My kids will freak if I started a jello fight with them! It WOULD be quite the memorable moment from a mom who touts proper manners while eating and no wasting food. They still talk about the pillow fight I started past bedtime that lasted 1/2 hour. They love it when mom breaks her own rules. *SIGH* Better get off towards bed. Big day tomorrow. Thanks again for the cyber hugs. Love, Barefut
  25. barefut

    I'm Not So Tough.

    Wow........ Thanks everyone! I'm sorry I let this post get to page two before I replied. I have read and re-read everyone's replies. You all always make me feel so much better! There is no way to thank you enough for that. I hope I have done the same for someone else out there. Love yous! Barefut