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  1. Oh I love everyone's ideas! I have turned into a minimalist decorator during the holidays too. I use the cards I receive in the mail and hang them on a ribbon strung across my picture window. Sadly this year I only received 3 cards! Compared to the 50 or so just a few years ago - might have something to do with the fact that I didn't send any out - my gift to myself. Although I usually love writing a holiday letter, taking a photo of the boys and making a card, I let this tradition slip away 3 years ago when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Makes me sad but it did get expensive too when I found myself sending out 70+ cards!


    I have a fake tree and hate putting it up and taking it down each year. It takes me an hour just to fluff the thing! I think I'll just put it in the shed all strung up with lights and decorated. How easy would that be to just pull it out next year and plug it in? Ha!


    I hope everyone had a peaceful relaxing holiday and wish everyone a happy pain-free and prosperous new year!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story and I have enjoyed reading all the comments. I have been doing a lot of thinking about these subjects lately as my uncle recently passed. He refused to quit smoking despite his wife's death from lung cancer not to mention his own health issues. We all thought he'd go out in a blaze of glory while lighting up with the oxygen in his nose, or from falling asleep with a cigarette in his hand. Instead he went peacefully in the hospital.


    Blog fodder for me. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you Amanda!


    "better to have 1 good year than 5 bad" I agree 110% ! My major depression rears its ugly head when I am unable to take care of myself and my boys due to pain and immobility. I just can't go there.


    I am so sorry about your friend. She is lucky to have you!

  4. Hi Diana -


    I too have cognitive impairment. Can't say if it is meds, lack of sleep or the sclero - nevertheless I still call it sclerobrain. It was quite disturbing at first especially because I was a personal banker! Ha! Ha! Don't know why that is funny but I can laugh now that I am no longer employed and it does not stress me out anymore.


    I'm sorry your doctor poo-poo'd your concerns. That is so very uncool. Regardless of naysayers, I believe scleroderma DOES have a cognitive element. THANK YOU SHELLEY! It's time to run my checkbook.


    Best wishes to you Diana ♥

  5. Oh I am so sorry you are having to deal with this! There is no way around NOT using our hands! I remember when my hands were giving me fits though I have only had to deal with one ulcer and it wasn't that bad but did take months to heal. Since I've been taking Felodipine things have been much better. I think you will get much relief from the Revatio. You will be in my thoughts!

  6. Amanda - thanks for the PAH info! It is a scary thing and I don't know enough about it yet to ease my mind about Pam. I can only imagine how she feels but know she is educating herself and staying on top of her doctors and her care. She is an inspiration to us all regarding being our own advocates and an inspiration to me in so many other ways as well.

  7. Well yes, finally! You were kept waiting too long. I am so relieved that none of it is anything urgent. The beginning of PAH does worry me a bit though. How do you feel about it? What did the doctor say about it?


    Love and hugs Missy!


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