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  1. Jabsdb I hope your daughter is okay and that whatever it is is slow progressing Hugs!
  2. Judy how did your disease progress? What were your signs when you were younger and where did it go from there?
  3. Some labs say 1:80 is a negative result. My primary doctor says its insignificant. I'm just not sure what to think!!
  4. Hi everyone. I went back to my doctor to redo the ANA as I wasn't sure what method was used. It came back 1:80 speckled. ENA was also run. In that, Scl-70 and Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) came back negative as well as for Sjogrens. Can anyone tell me what speckled means? What a low reading may mean? Thank you!
  5. Amanda when your fingers went pale was it just tops or undersides or all the way around? All the pics I see online show the backs of fingers white. The tops of my fingers go pale but the backs look totally normal
  6. If fingers go pale, just the tops of hands, when cold, with no other symptoms, is that likely to be more of a cold intolerance?
  7. I'm glad I made you chuckle Amanda :-) We can all use a good smile now and then. Of course I hope it's not scleroderma but I'll take the membership! My marks are brown and they are on my palms under my thumb area just above my wrist. They can be painful at times. I have no brown on my forearms but the undersides of my forearms get these weird creases in them when there's been pressure. Such as holding my baby. The skin doesn't feel different or look different there though. How quickly did the brown marks come for you? Was the texture different?
  8. I have questions about Raynaud's. Does the entire finger change color? Meaning the top and back and all the way around? My fingers go pale but only the tops of them. The backs of the fingers look normal.
  9. Thank you for your caring response Shelley. If I could give you a hug, I would! I too haven't found much on patches on palms... Which only adds to my confusion. There's something weird going on that's for sure.... Just want to figure it out and what it means. Do you have limited sclero? How are YOU doing? Enough about me!
  10. Thanks again for taking the time to respond Shelley. I feel a bit better than a few weeks ago, but obviously still worried about what's all going on. They spots on my palms are on either side, but the few on my back are not symmetrical. The skin on my palms is thickened and more textured than my normal skin, but also more brown in color too. There is pain off and on, but thankfully it's been less recently. I hope that my appointment with the rheumatologist comes soon, to sort it out. Waiting is hard!! I feel like I'm a bit obsessed with looking at my hands watching for any changes.
  11. Can someone give a description of these? Is it just joints that crack?
  12. Thanks for the great info Shelley! When you say systemic doesn't cause discoloured skin, you mean the skin that gets tight and thickened looks "normal color" but tight? In Morphea, is brown a common Color? Or more likely purple? I've read so many different things. My patches are brown on palms, and brownish on my back. It's hard to get a good look as its on my spine.
  13. Hi Amanda. I'm guessing that is you in the video? :). Nice to meet you! Thanks for sending me that link. When people refer to "tight" skin, is that skin that can't be pinched? Is it the same as "thickened" skin?
  14. I should add the patches are also painful off and on. Not on my back. Just the ones on my palm
  15. Also..what would you consider "red flags" in scleroderma?
  16. Thank you Amanda. I appreciate you taking time to give me some information and to give me advice and hope as well. I'm sorry that you have systemic and localized, but it's awesome you take time to encourage others. Helping others often comes because of something you are being brought through. Thank you for taking time to chat. Hope you are having a good day and feeling good. Blessings! I will definitely keep you posted. TBhof
  17. Thank you ladies for your encouraging words. I mostly do okay and then my brain will get stuck on some of the terrible things I've read and I convince myself it must be what I have. I do feel it's some type of connective tissue issue and waiting for appointments is always so tough. I have 4 young boys the youngest is only 9 months and my thoughts go to them and how/if this could impact them. But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Fear is a horrible feeling! I will keep you posted. Would I just keep posting on this thread? Again thank you for your advice. You will each be added to my thoughts tonight .
  18. I don't seem to have any of the tightness in the fingers. I guess I'm hoping with all I have and hoping whatever is going on is localized. I guess I'm hoping someone will say sounds like Morphea and reflux is common with that and don't worry! I know it isn't that simple.... I don't have any thickened skin in between the fingertips and first knuckle that I can tell. So hopefully that's a good sign. Worried sick though about everything.
  19. I had watched a YouTube video on scleroderma. In it he said that if you didn't have finger involvement of any kind you most likely didn't have systemic. What are thoughts on that? Also I have read localized can also include other symptoms beyond skin?
  20. Thank you for your reply. Can reflux be common in Morphea? I do have celiac disease. I don't know if that means anything with it all....
  21. Hi. I'm 31 years old. Two years ago I developed a hard patch on each palm just above the wrist. Also a couple purplish spots near my spine that looks like Morphea. I am awaiting an appointment with the rheumatologist but I am scared. I am a mom of 4 young boys. I recently started to have heartburn for the last 3 weeks as well. My ANA is negative as is my rheumatoid factor. I have no Raynaud's and no finger involvement or swelling. Please give me your thoughts?
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