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  1. Thanks for all your responses. It was a very rough weekend for me emotionally. Somehow I feel like I'm dying, even though quite literally no definitive changes have happened in a year, I ran 2 miles this morning, and physically I feel very good. My thoughts are with all of you. I've also determined that at this point, being on the board is probably not good for my emotional state. Both of my doctor's have stated that they believe I could have a "mild" form of some kind of connective tissue disorder. I feel good, and the way I see it, every morning I wake up with no changes is one morning closer to getting that "free and clear" feeling that I so desperately want. I know that feeling may never fully materialize, but I'm starting to come to the realization that in reality, NOBODY is ever "free and clear". Aggressive cancer can strike at a moments notice, a car accident on any given day can leave you disabled or worse. We are all living on the razor's edge, every day, scleroderma or not! To pretend otherwise (like I used to do) is just foolish. I have a new appreciation for life now, and I truly believe this experience is a blessing in disguise. With that said, again, I thank you for the responses. I just can't use this board as a means to fuel my paranoia and anxiety - and that's exactly what I have ended up doing. So with that said - I'm signing off now, for a while. I will report back to you all, good news or bad, at my next 6-month follow-up appointment. - I'll be thinking of you all, and I do hope that you'll do the same for me. Good luck and I'll post back with you wonderful folks at some point next year. Sincerely, Jon
  2. Thank you so much. I know I am lucky to even have a good chance of staying in my UCTD limbo. I take vitamin d every day! Although I know many of the published stats on UCTD, your post is still encouraging. It has been such a difficult ride the past year. Being told I have nothing at all, then the "lupus" word being thrown around, and now the "s" word. I also take comfort in that it's been quite some time now with mild to no symptoms, so hopefully even if I do have a differentiated disease, it will be on the mild end of the spectrum. That's my scared guy logic though, so probably not worth much. Thank you for your response, I do appreciate it. Have a good one and I'll see you around :)
  3. Greetings, everyone. First, I already greatly appreciate any responses - I feel VERY alone. I'm not sure the purpose of my first post. I'm a 28 year old male, healthy (or at least thought I was), enjoy running and outdoors activities. Started having swollen joints and joint pain over a year ago. Took about 3-4 months to eventually get to a rheumatologist. I'm positive ANA with mildly positive Anti-Ro/SSA. Symptoms so far have included two swollen toes last year and one swollen finger this year, intermittent joint pain and minimal tingling sensations in hands and feet. I also have Raynauds, and have also had that for about a year. So my doctor is positive that I have some sort of autoimmune problem. Right now, he's considering it Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder. I recently had my first pulmonary function test, which showed some sort of mild abnormality (sorry, I can't remember exactly what it is), but that was the straw that broke the camels back on my level of anxiety. I've had the symptoms for over a year, so I'm confident in saying that I've been undifferentiated for over a year now. From what I've read, the longer I go without definitive symptoms, the better chances I have of a fairly mild condition. But the pessimist in me (which is most of me) is afraid that I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I guess that's it for my first post. In a way, this has almost been a blessing. I was very self-centered and greedy before these things started. Now I can appreciate every day, the good and the bad, and I guess in that sense this has been a freeing experience. I just hope every day that my disease is mild - and I can't help but wonder how much longer until I can rest at night. Thanks again, Jon
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