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  1. Hello Joelf Thanks for the reply and I will take your advice and ask for the UVA1 next time, it was not possible this time as the person who does it was not available. Next Thursday I have an appointment to see my consultant rheumatologist at my local hospital and she is very good at listening and spends time with you.
  2. Hello All, Well managed to park 5 minutes walk away from Royal Free at a cost of £6 for 4 hours which for London is reasonable. All the staff were very friendly but I do feel it was a waste of time. I was seen by a Spanish doctor who is /was being supervised, he was very pleasant but it was the same old questions that I have been asked time and time again, for some unknown reason my NHS details could not be found. I also saw the consultant Dr Ong and a dermatologist. They have decided to give me a different cream and I am to go back in 3 months. Personally a complete waste of a day but hey ho....
  3. Hello Amanda and thanks for the message, I will be driving and am going to park at the Premier Inn. Hopefully :)
  4. Hello, Thank you both for your replies. I will let you know how I get on. Ray
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply Joelf, I am hoping to drive to the hospital but understand there is a parking issue there.
  6. Hello All I was diagnosed with Morphea in about 2013. Spent many years going back to the doctors saying something was wrong and eventually got diagnosed after having a mole removed from a dermatologist. Have patches on my back, front, legs and now sides of face but they don't really bother me, I get periods of cramp in my legs and lately aches in my arms and elbows. Have seen a specialist at Southend Hospital who is really caring and I have been referred to The Royal Free in London which I am dreading, hate travelling to London but hey ho.