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  1. Many thanks for replying. Do you know if the swollen hands goes away after a while or goes through phases? I've now bought easy grip cutlery to help with eating and use the wax treatments, but would like to know if it's something that will subside after a while. Thanks, Sue.
  2. Hi. I am looking to see if anyone has advice or experience with my current condition of my hands. I was diagnosed with scleroderma in 2013. Over the first year or two my forearms became very tight. This has now eased somewhat, however my hands have become progressively tight with numerous bumps appearing. It has now become quite unbearable. At my last consultation with a consultant he suspected the lumps may be an infection, however four months later there is no change. Around a month ago I purchased a wax paraffin bath but I've not really found it to have any affect. The s
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