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  1. This is a 'Must Read' for any Ssc sufferer, though maybe a bit out of date with regard to Cloriquine bearing in mind what we now know about cardiovascular risks. Dexamethasone maybe a more beneficial treatment for any Ssc patients suffering from respiratory distress after contracting covid-19 though undoubtably as the pandemic progresses, alternative treatments may become apparent.
  2. These are serious observations Jo, especially for those of us with circulatory issues. If I end up in hospital with coronavirus, I think I will be asking for anticoagulants whilst I am still in a fit state to do so.
  3. Rub them with bacon fat and bury it in the garden, my Granny used to say. Strangely, it sermed to work
  4. Hi Ronald, Sorry that you are still having so much pain and problems. I guess that you may get to the point that you feel that the finger is worth less than the pain. I hope you don't, but people live quite happily with a lot less than 10 fingers. Medical grade Manuka Honey might be worth a try if nothing else is working. Good luck, whichever way things go.
  5. In the UK, the health service are about to issue 1.5m letters to those they consider at risk. I wonder how many of us will receive one? Not expecting one as my general practitioner and rheumatologist seem to think SSc is just a minor inconvenience.
  6. These feelings of cobwebs and something crawling on your skin can be a symptom of Fibromyalgia, I believe. I get these feelings sometimes, especially as I am about to fall asleep. To me it does actually feel like a fly has landed on my face, though sometimes it might really be a small insect.
  7. Good Morning Jo, It could be that being on immuno-suppression may help. Some of the most serious symptoms of COVID-19 result from an immune system that is on the rampage rather than a lethargic one. Chinese scientists found an extreme immune system response called Cytokine Storm, a flood of immune cells and biochemicals they produce tears through lung tissue. Let's all hope that this outbreak can be controlled and that our Governments are strong enough to take the necessary containment actions swiftly.
  8. How much higher is our risk from this pandemic? In the UK there have been 4 deaths reported and all seem to be in their 60s, 70s and 80s. It seems that those with underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems are at significantly greater risk than the 3.4% average so far. The virus attacks the lungs, so anyone with a lung condition needs to be extra careful as should anyone taking immunosuppressants. Is there a case for stopping or reducing these, perhaps? Keep safe everyone and look after yourselves.
  9. Hi Carol. I've struggled with Raynauds for a few years and found knitted gloves of little help. You can get rechargeable battery oorated heated gloves which are very good, though I use thermal lined leather gloves which I got from a supermarket. For me, the key is to not let my hands get cold before putting the gloves on in winter. As soon as I go outdoors, the gloves go on or my hands go into my pockets. Another thing I've found is that it is important to keep your whole body warm. I found that if I can keep my head and neck warm by wearing a thermal hat and snood, it seems to help to keep my hands warm too. I also find that I need to keep my hands dry. The leather gloves help too if it is raining. Hope this is of some help. Dimarzio
  10. Thanks Quiltfairy. That all makes sense. I will endeavour to use more handcream.
  11. En coup de sabre is springing to mind when you all talk about dents in your foreheads. It may be worth at least giving some consideration to this. I would say that it seems unlikely that such dents are stress related and prescribing diazipam for them is flabbergasting.
  12. C channel blocker to keep my bp down and PPI for GERD. Best thing for me has been Pregabalin though as it really helps with the skin sensitivity and nerve pain.
  13. yeah, Quiltfairy. I may start doing that a bit more. What lotion do you find best?
  14. Nothing formal like yoga, George. Daily stretching of calves, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs. Fairly standard exercises I learned from amateur soccer training many years ago. Most of these can be found on physio websites on the web. They were hard at first as I could barely move or walk, but over time have become easier. I stretch til the muscle or ligament hurt, then hold for 10 seconds. The more a body part aches, the harder I work on it.
  15. My hands are very sensitive. Just a slight tap can make me yell and even screwing up a piece of paper is painful on the skin of my palms. That said, no abnormality seems visible. Anyone else find this?
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