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  1. I would certainly consult with a Rheumatologist, who would order appropriate bloodwork and other testing. Good luck, Linda
  2. Hello and I'm happy to have found you all! Long story short, my feet started swelling at the end of last summer. Within a month or so, the skin on the top of my feet, around my ankles and up the calves of the legs started feeling tight and were mottled red. I went to my primary care physician, who ordered up tons of tests; x-rays, mri, bilateral venus doppler of legs, to rule out any sort of vascular issue. Eventually, I was referred to a Rheumatologist who ordered lots of bloodwork. One test led to another and to another. Bottom line: my ANA is 1:1280 Centromere; CRP and Sed Rate are elevated; SCL 70 is Negative. I now have an appointment. at the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) Scleroderma Clinic on May 4th with Dr. Domsic and am hoping to get some answers to so many questions. I have no GI issues (other than constipation) although I do get short of breath at times. I have indication of Raynaud's in one finger only! My hands are fine, no hardening or tightening anywhere other than my feet and ankle area. My biggest issue is exhaustion!! I have zero energy and it's so frustrating. Sure, I've slowed down (I am 68, will be 69 next month) but this fatigue is debilitating!! I fall asleep sitting upright in a chair. I feel drugged, constant heavy feeling eyes. I force myself to get up and move and get nothing done. Is this a symptom? My Rheumatologist sort of dismissed this. Thanks for taking the time to read and I sure would appreciate hearing from any of you who have dealt with any sort of extreme fatigue as a symptom. Linda
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