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  1. Hi Everyone, If you have the Limited SS do you develope the small mouth or is it usually if you have the Diffuse SS? I have the Limited/Crest and have noticed some changes in my mouth and lips but is the process usually slower? Thanks, Sophie
  2. Hi Tru, I am so glad that all went well for you. Heal fast. Spanky
  3. Sharon, I am sorry that you are going through this. Sending good thoughts to you both. Spanky
  4. Hi Tru, I am sending good thoughts your way. We will all be thinking about you on Wednesday. Your kids will grow up someday, and until then, lean on all of your caring friends. All the best! Spanky
  5. Whirlway, Sorry to hear about your Shingles. Approximatly 2 weeks after my Limited/Crest diagnosis in May I got Shingles. Sure didn't need that on top of everything else going on. I didn't catch on and get the anti-virals in time so had to suffer the whole course. Mine were on my right side and breast and I couldn't wear a bra for 2 months because of the pain. I hope that you get well really fast so that you can hold that precious new grandson. Congratulations! Spanky
  6. Hi Jax, I started on Methotrexate 6 weeks ago. After the first weekly dose all I noticed was a little nausea and fatigue the next day. I took the pills with lots of water. I have not had any problems until my last dose on Sunday. I was very nauseated and dizzy but I realized it was because I did not drink lots and lots of water this time. I really think that the water helps to metabolize the meds better. Other than that, I have felt fine and I have also noticed that my hands are less swollen than they have been for a long time. I have Limited/CREST. If you were having a reaction to the meds I think it would have been sooner than 3 days. Might have been a stomach virus that hit that quickly. Hope this helps. All the best, Spanky
  7. I was just started on Methotrexate and with all of the side effects that the medication has, the pharmacist recommended always having ID with me. Does anyone here wear one or keep a list of medications being taken in your wallet or purse? Thanks for any input or suggestions that anyone has. Spanky
  8. Hi Tammy, I was diagnosed with Limited/CREST a few months ago. I did not tell my family until after the final test results. I had known that something was wrong for a long time but had never said anything to anyone but my husband. My daughter was very upset that I had not confided in her sooner. She was sad that I had not given her the chance to offer support. I hated to worry anyone before I knew for sure. It is a personal choice and in the end, I made the decision that I felt was right for me. I wish you all the best. Spanky
  9. Hi Jen, I am newly diagnosed with CREST/Limited. My 2 outer toes on my left foot are always numb and have been for about a year. My little toe on my right foot has started to become numb as well. I blamed it on a pinched nerve as well, until the right side started to go numb. I now believe that it is part of the SD. All the best, Spanky
  10. Hi All, You made me feel so welcome after my first post on the getting to know you thread. Thank you!! I had shingles just before my CREST/Limited Scleroderma diagnoses. Have any of you had Shingles before or after being diagnosed. Maybe it was just my body responding to the stress or being in a weakened state. It was awful, this on top of everything else I have been experiencing. I can't describe the pain, I never felt anything like it. I still have an outline of the rash across my back on the affected side. I can not believe the amount of information I have received from reading all of your posts. I am trying so hard to accept that I have this disease, and trying to conquer my fear as well. So much to try and digest. I will be very relieved when all of my test results are in. You are all so uplifting and supportive of one another and I am thankful that I discovered this site. Spanky
  11. Hi All, I live in Arizona which is a pretty good place to live if you have Raynaud's with Limited Scleroderma. It was 111 degrees today but my feet and hands still get cold. I was just recently diagnosed and I have so much to learn about this topic..... I am so glad that I found this forum.......I have already gotten so much information. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories. Spanky
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