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  1. SCL-70 marker, what does a positive test mean? Two months ago I was a very healthy 35 years old male with two young kiddos. After my grandfather passed, I started having stomach issues which was eventually diagnosed as gastroparesis. A month later I was admitted to the hospital due to intense pain behind my sternum. After 7 days, the once abnormal gastric emptying test was now normalized and all blood work, CT scans, etc came back normal. Esopheagram showed very minor dysmotility with a pill that passed after one sip of water but otherwise was deemed normal. Post stay, it was recommended I see a neurologist who ordered a complete autoimmune panel. Everything came back negative including the ANA-IFA test. However, I tested positive for SCL-70 with a 2.6 score. I have no skin presentation anywhere, no discolored fingers or feet when cold, etc. My wife did notice a few pin sized red dots on my chest, but I've had them as long as I can remember. Normal PFT, normal cardiac work-up. Does this marker mean I have this rare disorder just waiting in the wings? Everything I"ve read states this is only present for Scleroderma.
  2. I'm a 35 years old male who was healthy as an ox 2 months ago. After my grandfather passed, and a 3 day virus I started having these weird symptoms that began in my GI tract. After countless CT scans, blood testing, endoscopies, etc they diagnosed me gastroparesis. A month later I started having significant pain under my sternum thus hospital visit. Post a seven day stay, all tests came back negative, another endoscopy, now a normal gastric emptying test, and an esopheagram that showed very minor dysmotility when swallowing a pill, which passed with one sip of water. Referred to a neurologist who ordered and autoimmune panel. All came back negative, including ANA-IFA test except a positive SCL-70 score of 2.6. I have no Raynaud's, no skin presentation, no lung problems, no heart problems, etc. Does this mean it's definitely pre-Scleroderma because of the test and I'll eventually get this rare disease? I have an appt in Weston, FL at a Scleroderma specialized clinic in two weeks. Just concerned that this debilitating disease is lying dormant ready to attack in my body.
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