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  1. Hi Shelley, Thanks for this advice. To tell you the truth I feel better than I was a year back, in a way I think it's a good sign with this condition. I'm confused whether it stabilised or not but I don't believe it's progressing, as I haven't experienced anything compared to what my body went through. I had an early pulmonary hypertention diagnosis along with diffuse systemic scleroderma; I was taking Karsedilol and methotrexate for about five months and they were both stopped. So does this mean I won't have my heart problem anymore because I still experience the strong and fast pounding
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply; I do feel much better compared to last year. July I will be turning one year since my diagnosis and to tell you the truth I'm so glad I'm alive and able to care for my family the best way that I can. It's not the way I wanted to help them, but they understand this is the best I can provide. I still can't do long walks or squat to save my life, but I survive. My arms can't stretch outwards like a normal arm would but at least I can hold them up to my breast level which I couldn't do a few months ago . I wouldn't have survived all the mysteries about this cond
  3. Thank you all for this site as it teaches me more and more about this condition of which I'm still confused, but this site makes all the confusion more understandable by the day. I received my last dose of cyclophosphamide last December 2015 which was 1dose every 3 weeks. This is my 1st result after the treatment : urine protein +, myopathy much improved ,CVS -s4 + , s2 PSH but thin pt , - murmus , PM -SCL - ,MIZ - ,RIBO P - ,UIRNP - , APLS - ,U _PCR 0,113 ,C3 /C4 - , RF 10 ,ANA + 1:160 ,DSDNA + ,RO + ,LA + ,SCL70 ,RNP 70 - ,SM - ,FIBRILLIN + , PCNA - . This are my previous ones : polyc
  4. Thank you so much, Joelf. I've been checking all those recommended sites. They are helpful and now I know now which products are beneficial to my skin. Keep up the good work.
  5. I've been diagnosed with scleroderma since last year July. After so many years of confusion not knowing what was wrong with me, I went to numerous doctors who didn't know what was going on until I was admitted due to shortness of breath, weight loss, muscle weakness and tight skin with discoloured patches especially on the face. I had ulcers on my fingers, I couldn't do anything as the pains were so bad. I went through so many tests which took about 7 weeks to bring us to being treated for pulmonary hypertension (PH); I didn't understand so much. I had to google this condition until I foun
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