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  1. KTerrell

    Early signs?

    My skin seems to be changing daily and I wondered if others had similar skin changed in the start of scleroderma.
  2. I have posted some pictures here. I have some new broken blood vessels on my arms even today. It is hard to see all the tiny blood vessels because I am so freckled.
  3. I think the rash is broken blood vessels. So perhaps that isnt exactly a rash. I have all these tiny red broken blood vessels all over my body and it seems like I get more everyday.
  4. This is a symptom I have also. One second im freezing and the next I am sweating.... My feet sweat too which never used to happen.
  5. Two years ago my hands turned smurf blue and It lasted for hours and therefore I went to the ER. After numerous tests the doctor said I probably had Raynaud's. Prior to this episode I'd been having a lot of joint popping and pain in my hands and a rash would pop up on them from time to time. My pain seemed to subside the next year and it was a mild winter and I figured that was why; well, the pain is back and I hurt all the time. My fingers swell and become stiff and painful and itchy. My skin is changing quickly and is losing turgor. I have little broken blood vessels all over my body
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