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  1. KTerrell

    Early signs?

    My skin seems to be changing daily and I wondered if others had similar skin changed in the start of scleroderma.
  2. I have posted some pictures here. I have some new broken blood vessels on my arms even today. It is hard to see all the tiny blood vessels because I am so freckled.
  3. I think the rash is broken blood vessels. So perhaps that isnt exactly a rash. I have all these tiny red broken blood vessels all over my body and it seems like I get more everyday.
  4. This is a symptom I have also. One second im freezing and the next I am sweating.... My feet sweat too which never used to happen.
  5. Two years ago my hands turned smurf blue and It lasted for hours and therefore I went to the ER. After numerous tests the doctor said I probably had Raynaud's. Prior to this episode I'd been having a lot of joint popping and pain in my hands and a rash would pop up on them from time to time. My pain seemed to subside the next year and it was a mild winter and I figured that was why; well, the pain is back and I hurt all the time. My fingers swell and become stiff and painful and itchy. My skin is changing quickly and is losing turgor. I have little broken blood vessels all over my body and I am starting to notice that my complexion is also changing. My circulation also stinks. The veins in my feet and hands swell up and my feet turn blue after sitting for just minutes. My hands are shiny and my husband said that the most affected finger ( my right index) is starting to feel rubbery. My skin looks so old on the backs of my hands. And I just turned 36 last week. My most ailing issues are exhaustion and my hands popping and aching constantly.
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