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  1. This is my first post, I hope I do it right. I started getting white spots and large white areas on my skin a week ago, and now in the last four days, my face forehead, cheeks and mouth have tightened and my neck is so tight swallowing is difficult. I thought these symptoms took years to come on, but it has only been four days. Today I am now noticing it is affecting my hands and the tightening is moving up to under my eyes. My doctor diagnosed me with diffuse Scleroderma. Please let me know if anyone out there has tightening symptoms that have come on this fast. Does anyone have a tight neck and swallowing problems? If this is only the beginning - how bad is this going to get? I also have had severe gastro motility issues for 2 years- but no skin issues until now. I eat all of my meals out of a blender. Small intestine does not absorb calories even though I eat 2700 a day still stuck at 94 pounds, and I combat SIBO.
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