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  1. Hey everyone. I new here and super confused so bear with me. I'm currently in an autoimmune nightmare. The question isn't do I have an autoimmune disease, but rather which one/ones? I'm going insane. My ANA is positive 1:640 both speckled and centromere. (Is it weird to have 2 patterns?) My SCL-70 is positive as well. My CRP is high even though I was actually on prednisone at the time. I also had elevations of a protein marker for inflammation. And I'm anemic. So we know biologically something is going on. I'm also in constant pain. I wake up in the morning and it feels like a truck ran over me. My joints hurt and get swollen and sore. I'm exhausted all the time. I have dysmotility in my esophagus which is driving me insane and along with GERD. I have Raynauds. But I don't actually have skin hardening. So while the doctors thought it was scleroderma, they were hesitant to make the diagnosis official. Regardless since my mom has diffuse scleroderma and I have all these symptoms it was being treated as such. Except now my body has decided to add extra symptoms. I'm in hives constantly. I was on prednisone and it helped somewhat but it didn't stick. The hives came back. All over my body. Being out in the sun makes it so much worse. Plus after being in the sun, the next day I'm in double the pain. It's possible I've been getting a faint malar rash. The doctor mentioned it looked like it might look like one when I was there last week. So the doctor said that it might actually be lupus. Basically I'm super confused. I don't have a clue what my body is doing. I've been on plaquenil since October. I just switched my celebrex to meloxicam about two weeks ago but I'm not having major relief. So my questions are: Can I have both? Is it common? Does anybody else have both? Or does anyone at least have any suggestions about to navigate this stuff? And finally does anyone have any suggestions to at least help deal with the symptoms this disease is throwing my way? Thank you for reading this and in advance for any replies, Alone
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