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  1. Dimarzio, To break it down we look at the root words. Sclero meaning "Hard" and derma meaning "Skin". I'm fairly certain we just have Greyscale...
  2. Hello all, My name is Matt. I was born (as far as I know) with localized scleroderma on my inner right thigh, it wasn't diagnosed until I was around the age of seven after a lifetime (at that point) of doctors visits and poking and prodding. My mother eventually tired of seeing her son treated like a lab rat and decided to stop taking me to the doctor when they just shrugged their shoulders and said I'd be dead or in a wheelchair by the age of 16. Well here I am about to turn the dirty thirty. Still walking and talking and served six years in the military to boot (hid my sclero). I am now currently looking to help in any study or trial that will have me. My scleroderma has spread to my right calf and up my right side and back. I am also looking for anyone who can tell me if I should be concerned about my localized sclero making its way near my spine. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this! Sincerely, Matthew "Badmass" B.
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