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  1. Many thanks for your advice. My doctor as told me not to worry but searching DrGoogle has proven to be very scary. I don't see my general practitioner for another 12 weeks so in the meantime I just want to live life as per normal.
  2. Hi Everyone I am very worried about some blood tests that have come back with ANA titre 1:160 and centromere pattern. I approached my doctor due to my body feeling dry, mainly dry eye, dry nose and more recently dry vagina. I have hormone imbalances and was sure it was that, however, my doctor suggested Sjogrens due to a bit of fatigue that has been coming and going. I have 5 small children, so fatigue is apart of the deal. I have mild reflux occasionally, one sore wrist occasionally and odd numbness in my shoulder blade one side and face from TMJ. To have a test result come back as suggesti
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