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  1. In April of this year, my dad began to develop symptoms of joint pain, extremity swelling, and shortness of breath. It took several months for him to be diagnosed with scleroderma, possible lupus, and pulmonary hypertension and sadly, these diseases are taking a significant toll on him. Despite the treatment he is receiving from a scleroderma clinic, his skin tightening, tendon friction rubs, and flareups of joint pain, he does not seem to be getting any relief. I hope that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and I was hoping that many of you who have been on this journey for quite a while could share some type of inspiration for my dad. He has many days where he thinks he's dying and all he can do is cry. I know the battle is not easy. For holiday, I was hoping that some of you on this forum could help me. I would like to put together a notebook of inspiring stories from people who have been diagnosed with scleroderma. Maybe you have some tips for him, recommendations, things I have provided you with relief, or could you share your personal journey and how you persevere. It would mean the world to me to give my dad some hope and I believe the only people that can help me are those that experience this disease. Please feel free to respond to this post. Thanks!!
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